How To Treat Spider Veins

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How To Treat Spider Veins
How To Treat Spider Veins

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Vascular nets or asterisks most often appear on the legs and on the face, causing a lot of trouble, since they do not look very aesthetically pleasing. You can get rid of them in several ways: carrying out medical procedures, surgery, using home remedies.

How to treat spider veins
How to treat spider veins

It is necessary

  • - aloe juice;
  • - starch, sea buckthorn juice;
  • - Apple vinegar;
  • - lemon juice, honey, pollen;
  • - cosmetic ice from a decoction of parsley, chamomile, St. John's wort, sage.


Step 1

Use the tools at hand. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and make them more elastic, you should regularly consume vegetable and fruit juices - cabbage, plum, carrot, etc. It is useful to wipe the skin with apple cider vinegar, and as compresses, you can use the pulp of a tomato or scalded cabbage leaves. You need to take green tomatoes, since they contain the necessary acids - cut them into slices, pin them to your feet and bandage them for a while. Cabbage leaves should be pre-scalded and applied overnight, securing the bandage with a tight elastic bandage.

Step 2

Vessels on the face should be lubricated with aloe juice and compresses should be made from a mixture of starch and sea buckthorn juice. Masks made from pollen mixed with honey and lemon juice work well - they are applied to the entire face. It is useful to wipe the skin with an ice cube made from frozen herbal infusions - a decoction of parsley, chamomile, St. John's wort, sage.

Step 3

Undergo a photocoagulation procedure. This method will help get rid of the fine network of vessels that look like thin branches and are superficial. With the help of a special apparatus, a beam of light of a certain spectrum is exposed to the skin - as a result, the walls of the vessels are heated and glued together. Over time, they atrophy and all traces of superficially located capillaries disappear.

Step 4

Get rid of rosacea with ozone therapy. A highly efficient method using ozone and oxygen allows them to be injected into a vessel, which sticks together and the red mesh disappears. The procedure is expensive and less traumatic.

Step 5

To remove a large vasculature, undergo sclerotherapy. This type of surgical intervention is the introduction of a sclerosing substance into the vessels - the mesh disappears completely, leaving no traces in the form of scars.

Step 6

The most advanced cases are treated promptly. Problematic vessels are removed completely, accessing them through small incisions. This method of getting rid of vascular branches has all the disadvantages of the operation - the rehabilitation period, the risk of infection, subsequent restrictions on the load, etc.

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