Why Nipple Hair Grows In Women

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Why Nipple Hair Grows In Women
Why Nipple Hair Grows In Women

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The hairy female body does not look very attractive, so the fight against the ubiquitous hairs is being conducted on all fronts. And if everyone is already accustomed to their presence on the arms, legs, in the armpits and the bikini area, then the hair on the chest often makes even women themselves afraid. Meanwhile, their presence is easily explained by experts.

Why nipple hair grows in women
Why nipple hair grows in women

Causes of hair growth around the nipples in women

Hair on a woman's breasts does not grow on the nipples themselves, but around them. Usually they are rather thin and long, and their number rarely exceeds 10 pieces. There is no need to be intimidated by the presence of such hairs, especially if they appeared gradually during puberty. In most cases, the hair around the nipples is due to a genetic predisposition and an increased sensitivity of androgen receptors. They are not dangerous in this case, although their presence does not look very attractive.

The sudden appearance of hair on a woman's chest or an increase in their number may be due to a change in hormonal levels and an increase in the level of androgens - male sex hormones. This does not mean that the fair sex begins to gradually turn into a man, but it is still worth consulting a doctor in this case. This change in hormone levels may be due to inappropriate hormonal drugs, endocrine disruption, or pregnancy.

In this case, it is best to go for a consultation with a gynecologist-endocrinologist and get tested for hormones. Usually, after taking the right drugs, body hair stops growing actively.

How to get rid of chest hair for women

It is better not to touch light, thin and barely noticeable hairs around the nipples, as their frequent removal can lead to a change in the color and structure of the hair. In the latter case, they will become more visible and will require permanent depilation. But it is worth getting rid of long and dark hairs, since they usually do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

It is best to use regular tweezers for this. They should pull out their hair along the growth line and quickly enough. And the skin on the chest after this procedure should be wiped with a disinfecting lotion. Of course, after a couple of weeks, the hairs will reappear, but their re-removal is unlikely to take much time again.

You can also simply trim unwanted hairs, but with this method they grow back very quickly, and dark roots are often visible.

You can also use a depilatory cream to remove the hair around the nipples. But it is better to apply it only to the root of a specific hair follicle, but not in any case not to the nipples. And it is necessary to keep such a remedy for the time strictly indicated in the instructions, otherwise irritation may appear on the skin. The cream will gently dissolve the hair shaft, which will remove hair for 1-2 weeks.

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