What Vitamin Preparations Should Be Drunk Before Pregnancy

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What Vitamin Preparations Should Be Drunk Before Pregnancy
What Vitamin Preparations Should Be Drunk Before Pregnancy

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Expectant mothers who are planning a pregnancy pay attention to the intake of vitamins before conception at an early stage. Not all vitamins are useful during this period. Selection, your gynecologist will help to do.

What vitamin preparations should be drunk before pregnancy
What vitamin preparations should be drunk before pregnancy


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Folic acid and vitamin E. This tandem is useful for regulating the cycle and ovulation. It is prescribed three months before the planned pregnancy. Take folic acid from the first day of your period 14 days. On the 15th day, start drinking vitamin E - take it for 12 days. Ovulation occurs between the intake of vitamin E and folic acid. Folic acid continues to be drunk even after the conception of the baby. It prevents the likelihood of developing many pathologies.

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Vitamin A. This vitamin is a preventive measure against the threat of miscarriage and helps to get pregnant faster. The main thing is to consult your doctor about the dose. It is calculated individually. Since you are already getting vitamin A from your diet. And its excess in the body can negatively affect the future baby.

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Iodomarin or potassium iodite. It is taken as a prophylactic agent for thyroid diseases. Enough 200 mcg per day. Iodized salt can be used in the normal diet. A very large amount of iodine is found in seafood, especially in seaweed.

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Vitamin B6 - is the foundation for the growth of cells of the future organism. It regulates certain types of the nervous system and promotes the production of new blood. Also, a sufficient amount of it in the body contributes to the correct development of the brain of the unborn baby, and in a pregnant woman it reduces the intensity of early toxicosis.

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Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. In general, it strengthens the immune system. Increases the productivity of the body, kills bacteria and neutralizes toxins. It can be taken as a supplement in tablet form, 100 mg is sufficient. If you eat foods high in ascorbic acid, you may want to reduce the dose of the supplement. The high content of this vitamin in citrus fruits, rose hips, parsley, currants, red peppers, cabbage.

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For the development of the skeleton and future teeth, the baby needs vitamin D. Mom will also need this vitamin, since after birth most of it will leave the body, and this vitamin will be needed as a prophylaxis against dental problems. The daily allowance is 2.5 - 5 mcg. This vitamin is found in foods such as milk, eggs, seafood, mushrooms.

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Zinc and magnesium play an important role in planning pregnancy. They are involved in the development of cells, the synthesis of acids and proteins. Adequate amounts of these drugs prevent miscarriage. If you take them as separate drugs, then 5-6 mg is enough. in a day. In daily products, these elements are also found, for example, in bran or rye bread, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts.

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