What Are The Main Signs Of Ovulation

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What Are The Main Signs Of Ovulation
What Are The Main Signs Of Ovulation

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Every month a woman's body undergoes hormonal changes associated with the maturation of an egg, ready for fertilization. The process of release of an egg from the follicle occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle and is called ovulation. Several days before and after ovulation are considered favorable for conception, therefore, it is advisable for women planning pregnancy to know how to determine the time of follicle rupture by external signs.

What are the main signs of ovulation
What are the main signs of ovulation

Subjective signs of ovulation

Hormonal changes in a woman's body during ovulation cause changes in her behavior and well-being. When the egg matures, the amount of estrogen - female hormones - rises. As a result, vaginal discharge changes its consistency, becomes more viscous, similar to egg white - transparent and mucous.

Some women have to use panty liners during this period.

Changes in the hormonal background affect sexual activity, libido increases. This mechanism is laid down by nature so that a woman instinctively understands when the most favorable time for conception comes. The same hormones lead to mood changes, the appearance of edema and increased oily skin.

Some women experience so-called ovulatory pain during ovulation, which is usually felt on one side in the lower abdomen - in the area of ​​the ovary in which the egg has matured. Mild pain that lasts from a few minutes to two days during ovulation is normal. Also, a sign that the follicle has burst and released the egg is spotting spotting - this means that the blood vessels were affected in the process.

Some women get scared when they see blood spots in the middle of their cycle. In fact, this happens quite often, but it is best to check with a doctor to rule out the presence of gynecological diseases.

Objective signs

The changes listed above in a woman's body can speak not only of the onset of ovulation: pain can be associated with any disease, and an increase in libido can be associated with a corresponding mood. There are more reliable ways to determine the time of egg maturation.

One of the most pronounced and basic signs of ovulation is a change in basal temperature. In the first half of the cycle, the basal temperature is about 36 and a half degrees, but a day before the maturation of the egg, it decreases, then rises to 37 degrees and remains at this level until the onset of menstruation.

During ovulation, the cervix becomes softer, wetter and rises higher. But not all women can independently examine the condition of the cervix, such a sign is usually observed by gynecologists during examination.

But the most reliable way to determine ovulation is to use test strips that respond to elevated levels of luteinizing hormone. These tests are sold in pharmacies.

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