How To Cure Neuritis

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How To Cure Neuritis
How To Cure Neuritis

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Infectious diseases, trauma, insufficient blood supply often lead to neuritis. Neuritis is an inflammatory disease that affects a peripheral nerve. It is usually very painful.

How to cure neuritis
How to cure neuritis


Step 1

Only a doctor can establish the cause of the disease; on your own you can relieve pain with the help of traditional medicine recipes. For example, rub the sore spot with bear or badger grease every day. The course is at least one month, sometimes it should be extended for some more time. Baths with the addition of a decoction of oats and sage are recommended. After the bath, rub the sore spot with horseradish juice or black radish. This rub will reduce pain.

Step 2

Contact a professional competent massage therapist. For neuritis, acupressure is recommended. Self-massage is ineffective, but sometimes there is no other way out, so the effect of the massage will ease and relieve pain. Massage specific acupuncture points. Several points are located on the ring finger of the hand. Rub your finger, massaging the entire surface. Another point is located on the leg, it is located between the little finger and the ring (fourth) fingers. Press on it for three minutes.

Step 3

This treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease. It is finally possible to cure neuritis only with the help of professional medical preparations. Only a specialist can appoint them. The therapy should be comprehensive. It is possible to use massage with elements of manual therapy. In some cases, after the first session, the pain disappears forever. If the pain is acute, no manual therapy is involved. The doctor will prescribe injections, electrophoresis, or other physiotherapy.

Step 4

In some patients, pain increases with a stressful, depressive state, so learning to relax in time is your main task. Calm music and the voices of nature can help you with this. Try not to be nervous about trifles. And in case of strong excitement, use breathing exercises that can calm you down. To identify the exact place where the nerve is transmitted, which means that neuritis can be cured only by a specialist. You can relieve the pain yourself, but you should not self-medicate, so as not to aggravate the health situation.

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