What Is Neuritis

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What Is Neuritis
What Is Neuritis

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Neuritis is an inflammation of the peripheral nervous tissue, which is often accompanied by movement disorders, as well as impaired sensitivity of the affected areas.

Facial nerve neuritis
Facial nerve neuritis

In medicine, in addition to the term "neuritis", another is used - "neuropathy". He shows that inflammation is not the only pathology of the nervous system. There are also metabolic disorders in the nervous tissue and other degenerative changes.

Different types of neuritis

Nerves permeate the entire human body. In each of them, for one reason or another, degenerative changes may begin. Inflammatory process of the optic nerve, located just behind the eyeball, can cause complete or partial loss of vision.

Facial neuritis manifests itself as facial asymmetry. Some muscles become paralyzed, one eye may begin to watery, or the sensitivity of the taste buds of half of the tongue may disappear. This type of neuritis is most noticeable to those around you. This paralysis is treatable. The neuritis of the facial nerve begins with severe pain in the area of ​​the auricle. After just two days, the asymmetry of the face becomes noticeable. The patient cannot use facial muscles (smile, bared teeth, etc.) and close the eyelids. Symptoms may vary depending on the nerve affected. In some cases, only facial weakness is observed.

With neuritis of the extremities, a person may have a burning sensation, tingling sensation or goosebumps in the affected area. Often, cramps occur and muscle sensitivity decreases. Tibial neuritis manifests itself in the fact that a person cannot stand on his heels and put on shoes on his own. If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor. The sooner treatment begins, the more likely it is that the disease will not cause complications in the future.

Causes of neuritis

Inflammation of the nervous tissue can be caused by prolonged infectious diseases (especially shingles), regular alcohol consumption, and heavy metal poisoning (lead, cadmium, mercury). Vitamin B12 deficiency is often the cause.

Damage to the optic nerve is caused by the use of methyl alcohol, the basis of low-quality alcohol. A short time after this substance enters the body, irreversible changes begin to occur with it, of which loss of vision is the most harmless.

Neuritis often occurs in people with diabetes mellitus, as well as those suffering from immune diseases. Often, inflammation occurs after prolonged squeezing of the limbs or infection.

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