Why Neuritis Is Dangerous

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Why Neuritis Is Dangerous
Why Neuritis Is Dangerous

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Neuritis is an inflammation of the peripheral nerves (one or more), as a result of which negative changes occur in the structure of the nervous tissue. The disease is accompanied by pain, movement disorders and sensory disturbances. In case of untimely access to a doctor, neuritis can cause dangerous complications.

Why neuritis is dangerous
Why neuritis is dangerous

Dangerous consequences of neuritis

Local neuritis is characterized by constant dull pain along the nerve, sensory disturbances with slight muscle atrophy in the area of ​​the nerve lesion, as well as movement disorders. With neuritis of the radial nerve, the patient cannot raise his arm up or straighten his fingers. With neuritis of the facial nerve, there is a constant aching pain behind the ear, the patient does not close one eye completely, the face is immobilized on one side, the corner of the mouth does not move completely.

Symptoms of alcoholic neuritis are numbness, tingling, weakness in the hands and feet, increased sensitivity of the skin, constantly increasing pain, excessive keratinization of the palms and feet, excessive brittleness of hair and nails, disorders of joint and tactile sensitivity, atrophy, muscle wasting, increasing muscle weakness, in some cases, reaching paralysis.

Timely and correct diagnosis of neuritis is very important, since their manifestations are similar to those of stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor and some other diseases. Neuritis is dangerous because, if untimely or improperly treated, they can lead to numbness, paralysis, hearing loss and even death. This disease can cause irreversible serious damage to the nerves, with neuritis of the facial nerve, synkinesis (involuntary muscle movement) can develop, and a person can go blind. With timely treatment, the prognosis is favorable.

Neuritis treatment

In the treatment of all types of neuritis, B vitamins, agents that improve microcirculation, biogenic stimulants, and drugs that improve the conductivity of nerve tissues are prescribed. If the neuritis was caused by an infection, antibacterial drugs are prescribed. When the viral nature of the disease is established, the patient is prescribed interferon and gamma globulin.

The treatment of neuritis includes physiotherapeutic procedures: electrophoresis, ultrasound, inductophoresis, mud baths, manual exposure, exercise therapy. During the period of remission, radon and sulfide baths are prescribed. The younger the patient's age, the faster the recovery occurs. To avoid such a complex disease as neuritis, one should lead a healthy lifestyle, harden, eat foods rich in trace elements and vitamins, and vaccinate against infectious diseases.

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