How To Relieve A Severe Headache

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How To Relieve A Severe Headache
How To Relieve A Severe Headache

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A sudden onset of headache affects mood and performance. It can be a sign of various diseases and, if it occurs regularly, requires a detailed medical examination. But if the headache bothers you only occasionally, you can try to get rid of it at home.

How to relieve a severe headache
How to relieve a severe headache

It is necessary

  • - ice;
  • - soothing herbs;
  • - analgesics.


Step 1

A common cause of headache is a spasm of the neck muscles. A simple and effective remedy to remove it is a hot shower. Someone in the fight against pain is helped by the temperature contrast, so you can alternate between cold and warm water. And some note that the pain subsides after a cool bath. Experiment, look for your remedy - water procedures are relaxing, and therefore very effective in combating pain.

Step 2

A compress of ice wrapped in a towel can help relieve even severe pain. When applied to the painful part of the head, it constricts the blood vessels, and vascular headache is one of the worst-tolerated types of pain.

Step 3

Tea made from any soothing herb (mint, sage, lemon balm, valerian, St. John's wort) normalizes blood pressure and relieves nervous tension, which is often the cause of headaches.

Step 4

Sometimes the cause of the headache is banal overwork. If you chronically do not get enough sleep, have a busy work schedule, your everyday life is full of stress - this is most likely the cause of the headache. In this case, rest is the best medicine. Lie down, relax and try to sleep. Breathe deeply and slowly. Such simple measures will take effect in about an hour.

Step 5

If none of the above remedies help, it may make sense not to suffer and take the medicine. As a rule, one of the analgesics (spazmalgon, nurofen, ketans, etc.) is in every home medicine cabinet. In most cases, the effect occurs within 20-30 minutes.

Step 6

If the headache does not even lend itself to the action of drugs, it makes sense to call an ambulance. The cause of the pain may be serious and will require the help of qualified professionals to treat it effectively. Do not refuse hospitalization if doctors see no other way out. Sometimes a headache can be cured only in a hospital setting.

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