Wormwood Tincture, From What And How To Use

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Wormwood Tincture, From What And How To Use
Wormwood Tincture, From What And How To Use

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Wormwood tincture is a universal remedy for many ailments. Its use helps to get rid of the symptoms of diseases such as upset gastrointestinal tract, eczema, anemia. The drug helps to cope with insomnia and fungal infections.

Wormwood tincture, from what and how to use
Wormwood tincture, from what and how to use

Properties of bitter wormwood tincture

Bitter wormwood is a medicinal plant that has long been known for its miraculous properties. She received the ability to heal a person from a variety of diseases, thanks to its rich chemical composition.

The bitter taste of wormwood is due to the presence of lactones in it. In addition, it contains organic acids, vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum, nickel, bromine, boron, vitamin C, carotene, essential oils. Its tops, leaves, roots have healing properties.

Wormwood helps to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. It finds application in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and gall bladder. Its tincture regulates the work of the pancreas, has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticonvulsant, wound-healing effects on the body. It helps to get rid of worms, nervousness, hyperexcitability, insomnia.

Wormwood is remarkable in that it affects a person selectively. Thus, with increased excitability, it helps relieve stress, and with a breakdown, it invigorates and tones up.

How to take wormwood tincture

Wormwood can be prepared by yourself. The herb can be dried or made into a tincture. But it is much more convenient to purchase a ready-made alcoholic tincture at a pharmacy. It is not very expensive, but at the same time it is very effective. Before use, it is better to consult a doctor, as the drug has certain contraindications.

For the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the gallbladder, it is necessary to take 10-15 drops of alcoholic tincture of bitter wormwood 15-20 minutes before each meal. The duration of treatment should be exactly 10 days.

To get rid of worms, it is necessary to use an infusion of wormwood with the addition of pumpkin seed extract. The drug should be used 15-30 drops several times a day. You need to consume it 20 minutes before meals.

In order to eliminate increased nervous excitability, to eliminate insomnia, you need to take the tincture shortly before bedtime, or in case of urgent need. To do this, put 5 drops of it on a small piece of sugar and put it under your tongue.

With eczema, you need to apply a compress from an alcoholic tincture of wormwood to the affected areas. Before using the compress, a test should be carried out for the possible occurrence of allergic reactions. To do this, you need to apply a drop of the product to the inside of the elbow bend and evaluate the result after 10-15 minutes.

With anemia and during an asthenic state, you should also use wormwood tincture, but in minimal doses. It is recommended to add 1 drop of the drug to a tablespoon of boiled water and drink on an empty stomach 1 time per day. The duration of treatment should be 14 days.

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