How Is Wormwood Used In Traditional Medicine

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How Is Wormwood Used In Traditional Medicine
How Is Wormwood Used In Traditional Medicine

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There is a wide variety of types of wormwood, the most useful and widespread is bitter. The plant is a panacea for many diseases, ranging from indigestion to alcoholism. In folk medicine, wormwood leaves are more often used, containing useful substances and acids.

How is wormwood used in traditional medicine
How is wormwood used in traditional medicine


Step 1

Quite often, wormwood infusions are used for healing. The following decoction will help get rid of worms and cleanse the body: combine 100 g of wormwood leaves with 100 g of crushed pumpkin seeds. Pour the mixture with 600 ml of vodka. Place the cooked panacea in a warm place for a week. On sunny days, expose it to the window. Drink 20 ml twice a day. Recovery lasts 2 weeks. Extend the course if necessary.

Step 2

Prepare a tincture that will rid the body of harmful microbes, insomnia, heartburn, bad breath, and improve digestion. Finely chop 15 g of wormwood leaves and pour 250 ml of boiled water. After 20 minutes, strain and take several times throughout the day, two hours before meals. To improve appetite, mix 8 tsp. wormwood with 2 tsp yarrow. 1 tsp brew the prepared mixture with 500 ml of boiling water. Drink 60 ml of tincture 3 times during the day.

Step 3

An elixir made from wormwood seeds helps in the treatment of herpes. Pour 50 g of grains into a glass container, pour 500 ml of vodka on top. Cork and store in a dark place. Remove and shake the mass from time to time. After 3 weeks pass the tincture through a sieve and drink 10 ml 3 times a day, 25 minutes before meals. Wormwood potions contribute to the overall health of the body and are good for preventing diseases.

Step 4

In addition to infusions, oils are made from the plant. The tool is sold ready-made in the store, but it is more useful and cheaper to make it at home. To do this, fill a half liter jar with fresh wormwood leaves. Top with olive or linseed oil. Screw the lid back on to keep out air. After 10 days pass the mass through a sieve, cork and store in a cool place. Use a remedy for oily skin, against inflammatory rashes. Helps with colds, muscle cramps.

Step 5

They use dry wormwood to completely cleanse the body. Grind the dry leaves of the plant and put in a container. Take 5 g 6 times a day powder with clean water. After 3 days, reduce the number of doses to 4. The course of treatment lasts 7 days.

Step 6

Use a bitter panacea as tea. Put a teaspoon of the crushed ingredient in a kettle and brew 500 ml of boiling water. After 20 minutes, add honey to taste and drink tea several times a day half an hour before meals, about 150 ml each.

Step 7

Herbal tea helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. Combine 20 g of wormwood and 80 g of creeping thyme. From the resulting mixture, take 15 g, mix with 200 ml of water and put on the stove to boil. After 10 minutes, remove the broth, strain, squeezing out the thick well. Measure the amount received. If less than 200 ml comes out, add clean water. Take 50 ml 3 times a day. After a month, take a break of 1, 5 months and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

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