Acupuncture And Weight Loss

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Acupuncture And Weight Loss
Acupuncture And Weight Loss

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A sedentary lifestyle, impaired lipid metabolism, improper nutrition - all this does not in the best way affect the state of the figure and health. Sometimes willpower alone is not enough to heal yourself from obesity. And here traditional medicine comes to the rescue, whose methods have been tested for millennia. One of these is acupuncture, or acupuncture.

Acupuncture and weight loss
Acupuncture and weight loss

History and essence of the method

The beginning of acupuncture was laid in the East - in Ancient China, India, Egypt. Different countries used their own methods and tools. Bone, stone, and bamboo needles were used, but in the West, treatment with a golden needle, which came from China, was widely known. Nowadays acupuncture is used to cure many diseases as well as to accelerate weight loss.

Accelerating metabolism not only increases fat burning, but also removes toxins from the body and excess water. As a result, the whole body is healed and its weight is reduced.

During the session, the doctor inserts the thinnest needles under the skin into the biologically active zone on the trunk, fingers, ear, tongue and leaves for 20-30 minutes. In some cases, the impact occurs over several days or even months (for example, according to the method of Faleev and Mukhina). In this case, a cap is put on the acupuncture needle. By acting on special areas on the human body with a needle, the specialist changes the nerve impulses coming from the organ with which this point is connected to the brain. As a result, the work of this organ is activated, the disturbed balance is restored, and this, in turn, leads to healing. In this case - to improve metabolism, normalize sleep and eating behavior, get out of a stressful state and negative emotions.

Treatment and prevention of obesity with reflexology

The main task of an acupuncturist in the field of weight loss is to reduce a person's appetite and speed up his metabolism. The program is selected depending on the severity of the disease, the form of obesity and the duration of the disease.

To reduce appetite and speed up satiety, it is recommended to drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes before meals, chew thoroughly during meals, focusing on the taste, aroma and appearance of the food.

To reduce appetite, the reflexologist acts on the cerebral saturation center - the hypothalamus. The same technique allows you to reduce the portions of food consumed - in a word, to strengthen self-control, which is necessary in the process of losing weight and switching to proper nutrition.

Contraindications to acupuncture

There are no absolute contraindications to acupuncture, but there are general contraindications to any physiotherapy procedure:

- acute conditions (exacerbation of mental and chronic diseases, myocardial infarction, stroke, acute renal, respiratory failure, epileptic seizure, and so on);

- malignant formations;

- severe stage of hemophilia.

Acupuncture should be used with caution during pregnancy. There are several points, the impact on which can adversely affect the well-being of a pregnant woman and cause an increased tone of the muscles of the uterus, but every professional reflexologist should know about them. That is why, when treating, you should contact only certified specialists.

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