What Cheap Analogs Does Bepanten Have?

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What Cheap Analogs Does Bepanten Have?
What Cheap Analogs Does Bepanten Have?

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"Bepanten" is a drug that is used to treat various lesions and skin irritations. It was developed by Swiss specialists from a company that is part of the German concern Bayer. Since the price of the product is quite high, you can pay attention to the cheaper analogues of Bepanten.

What cheap analogs does "Bepanten" have?
What cheap analogs does "Bepanten" have?

"Bepanten" is produced in the form of an ointment or cream in tubes of 30, 50 and 100 grams. There is also a 200 ml lotion. The concentration of the active substance in it is 2 times lower than in the other two types. Also, these forms of the drug differ in their consistency.

The main active ingredient of Bepanten and its inexpensive analogs is dexpanthenol (also called provitamin B5). He is responsible for accelerating biochemical processes in the skin. After the drug enters the skin, a rapid adsorption process occurs (the cells absorb the agent very actively). Directly in the epithelium, the transformation of the active substance into pantothenic acid occurs.

Properties of the active substance:

- helps to restore the skin after burns or microtraumas;

- strengthens collagen fibers;

- moisturizes;

- normalizes cell metabolism;

- has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Application of "Bepanten" and cheaper analogs

"Bepanten" is used to treat infants. It helps to speed up the healing of irritations caused by prickly heat (diaper rash), diaper rash. An effective medication as a means for regular skin care of a newborn. It is also prescribed for breastfeeding mothers to speed up healing and prevent cracked nipples and nipples.

Both "Bepanten" and its substitutes are used in the treatment of allergic rashes, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diathesis, insect bites, abrasions, scratches and small cuts. The drug actively fights pressure sores, cracks in the anus, chronic ulcers. It accelerates skin regeneration after surgery.

Recommended remedy for chemical skin damage, sunburn. You can use it as an after-sun remedy or as a face and lip protector when walking in frosty weather.

Difference "Bepanten" from cheap analogs

The price of "Bepanten" varies on average from 330 to 835 rubles, depending on the form of release and the weight of the tube.

There are cheap analogs of "Bepanten". The need to search for generics appears in several cases:

- limited budget;

- allergy to constituent substances;

- incompatibility of the body with one or more components of the medication;

- the need for frequent use of the drug, regular purchase of drugs in large quantities;

- incompatibility of medicines in complex therapy.

The obvious advantage of "Bepanten" is that the main components in its composition are natural, while synthetic substances are often used in analogues. Generics differ mainly in the speed and intensity of exposure, not yielding in effectiveness. At the same time, the cost of Bepanten substitutes can be several times lower than the original medication. Also, the price is influenced by the country of manufacture of the drug. Domestic products are more affordable.

Cheaper analogues of "Bepanten"

1. Serbian ointment "Dexpanthenol" is an effective analogue of "Bepanten", but cheaper in cost. The price for a tube in pharmacies starts at 130 rubles. Tubes with a volume of 30 ml are produced by the Russian manufacturer, the Vertex company. The ointment is quite liquid in consistency, which allows it to be absorbed faster than Bepanten.

2. D-panthenol cream is often prescribed specifically for use in infant care. Young mothers note that the cheap analogue of "Bepanten" has an effect almost identical to the expensive Swiss drug on the skin of newborns.And the cost of tubes of the same volume is significantly different. Due to the need for frequent use of the cream, the resulting financial benefit will be obvious. The price of a tube with a volume of 25 grams is about 260 rubles;

3. Ointment "Pantoderm" of the Russian chemical-pharmaceutical plant also contains dexpanthenol. Therefore, it has a similar effect: it enhances tissue regeneration, improves metabolism in the skin, soothes and eliminates inflammation. Available in tubes of 25 or 30 grams. The price of this substitute "Bepanten" in pharmacies is 230-270 rubles.

Alternative medications that differ in composition can also be used. It can be "Zinc Ointment" or "Sudocrem". They have a specific smell, but this fact is compensated by an excellent therapeutic effect and a relatively low price.

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