What Ointment For Psoriasis Helps

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What Ointment For Psoriasis Helps
What Ointment For Psoriasis Helps

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Psoriasis is a skin condition characterized by cell death. Outwardly, it looks like a wound with a plaque, and if you tear it off, then it will bleed a little. Psoriasis can affect any area of ​​the skin, including the head, face, and nails.

What ointment for psoriasis helps
What ointment for psoriasis helps

Causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis is already quite an old disease, it belongs to the category of chronic, i.e. if it appears, then throughout life it will not go anywhere, but only changes the form of flow from a lighter and even imperceptible to a severe one with exacerbations. So far, no one can identify the cause of psoriasis: some doctors say that it is from the nerves, others from malnutrition, and still others speak of the presence of parasites in the body.

Psoriasis affects human skin, including the scalp. In some people, it manifests itself in the form of small plaques, while in others it covers large areas of the body. And in fact, and in another case, it cannot be launched, but it is necessary to be monitored by specialists.

How to deal with psoriasis

Due to the ambiguity of the appearance of psoriasis, its treatment is difficult. First of all, you must definitely consult a doctor. Only a competent specialist can make such a diagnosis, and also conduct a number of examinations of the body. If, as a result of all analyzes, some abnormalities in the internal organs are revealed: poor liver, heart, hormonal failure, etc., then it is worth fully treating.

Psoriasis must be dealt with internally - only a doctor prescribes medications. self-medication can worsen the situation, both externally - by applying various ointments and creams to the damaged areas of the body.

Ointments used in the treatment of psoriasis are most often hormonal. Those. the composition includes some active substance in the form of a hormone. The results after their application are quite quick, in some people, plaques completely disappear at the time of treatment. But one must understand that it is impossible to use such ointments for a long time, they are addictive, and in the future a higher concentration of this hormone will be required. In addition, they change the general hormonal background of the body, affect the work of other organs.

Which ointment is most effective is hard to say, because it depends on the characteristics of the person. Someone can be helped by one thing, someone completely different. In any case, before prescribing treatment, it is necessary to pass for hormones so that the doctor, based on the test results, prescribes the most suitable remedy.

Ointments differ from each other in their composition. Among them, active substances are distinguished: triamcinolone (ointments "Berlikort", "Kenalog", "Ftoderm", "Ftorocort", etc.); mometasone: (Avecort, Momederm, Silkaren, Skinlight, etc.); hydrocortisone ("Hyoxysone", "Dactacort", "Cortef", "Oxycort", "Fucidin", etc.); Clobetasol (Dermovate, Cloveit, Powercourt, Skin-Cap); betamethasone (Akriderm, Beloderm, Betasalik, Betasalin, Betnovate, Diprogent, Diprospan, Flosteron, Celestoderm, Celeston, etc.).

There are also non-hormonal ointments, which, although they do not have such a quick healing effect, do not have so many side reactions. These include indifferent ointments: "Zinc Ointment", "Zinc-Sulfur Ointment", etc.; ointments containing tar: "Anthramine ointment", "Antipsorin", etc.; means with oil: "Naftalan ointment", "Neftesan", "Losterin", etc.

In the treatment of psoriasis, it is possible to use homeopathic remedies containing natural herbal ingredients: ointment from a series, "Plantosan-B", "Psoriaten", etc.

With psoriasis, it is worth switching to proper nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress as much as possible. After all, all health problems lie within a person. Otherwise, no amount of creams and ointments will help to cope with this disease. And do not self-medicate, becauseany medications, especially those containing hormones and improperly selected, can cause great harm to the entire body.

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