How To Increase The Temperature

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How To Increase The Temperature
How To Increase The Temperature

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It so happens that it is simply vital to raise the temperature. The reasons are different for everyone, but more often it is a desire to either skip school or not go to work. With the advent of electronic thermometers, it became impossible to catch up the temperature with hot tea, a battery or a light bulb. The rest of the ways to raise the temperature are dangerous to health, so before you try them on yourself, you should think about whether it is worth the candle.

How to increase the temperature
How to increase the temperature


Step 1

Take a simple pencil and carefully remove the lead. Eat it. The temperature rises in most cases, but you can also get poisoned.

Step 2

Take a teaspoon of granulated sugar and drip 8-10 drops of iodine. Eat sugar with iodine. The body temperature will rise, but not more than 37.7 degrees.

Step 3

Take some red pepper and rub under your armpits. After a few minutes, the temperature will rise to 38 degrees, but only in the area in which you treated with pepper.

Step 4

Take garlic or onion and cut into halves. Hold it under your arm. Acts in the same way as pepper, a local rise in temperature is noticed.

Step 5

If you have a mercury thermometer, then you can hold it in hot tea, near a battery or a light bulb, rub it against a cloth. If the temperature on the thermometer is too high, then you need to shake it a little.

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