How To Identify Fertile Days

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How To Identify Fertile Days
How To Identify Fertile Days

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Determining fertile days is very important for planning a pregnancy. Conception can occur only in 5-6 days of the menstrual cycle, and the approach of ovulation can be confirmed using the calendar method and other methods.

methods for determining fertile days
methods for determining fertile days


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The onset of pregnancy marks the fusion of the male and female germ cells. The probability of conceiving a child entirely depends on whether the egg and sperm meet in the right place and at a certain time. And in order for conception to become a consequence of sexual intercourse, you need to know when the period favorable for the onset of pregnancy begins. How to determine this?

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To determine the most favorable period for the onset of pregnancy, a variety of methods are used that cannot guarantee conception with 100% accuracy. At hour "X" all circumstances must coincide, and for this a couple may need more than one month or even a year. You can determine ovulation using the calendar method. Its essence is to calculate the most favorable days for conception, knowing the length of your menstrual cycle. With a cycle duration of 28 days, ovulation usually occurs on days 14-15, but it can occur on any day from the 13th to the 17th day.

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As a result, we get five days, during which the likelihood of becoming a mother is especially high. But it would be foolish to rely on the calendar method alone, especially since some women have irregular menstruation, and some women ovulate at the beginning or end of the cycle due to various reasons: taking medications, illness, etc. Therefore, you can confirm or deny the onset of ovulation with the help of method of measuring basal body temperature. A woman needs every morning, without getting out of bed, to measure the temperature in the anus and record the data in a notebook. As soon as she notices its increase to 37–37, 2 ° C, we can talk about the onset of days favorable for conception.

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If for some reason a woman is uncomfortable measuring basal body temperature, she can use a special test to determine ovulation, which is sold at the pharmacy. There are also subjective signs that indirectly indicate the onset of ovulation. These include increased libido, pain in the lower abdomen or from any of the ovaries.

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Observing the change in the nature of cervical mucus, one can also draw a conclusion about the onset of ovulation. The fact is that the mucous membrane of the cervix can both interfere with the movement of sperm and help them quickly reach the egg. Transparent, abundant mucus, reminiscent of the protein of a chicken egg, is the best fit for sperm to move along the walls of the vagina. Therefore, noticing such changes in her body, a woman can confirm the onset of days favorable for conception. Well, the most accurate method for determining the approaching ovulation is ultrasound monitoring.

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