How To Get Pregnant With Endometritis

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How To Get Pregnant With Endometritis
How To Get Pregnant With Endometritis

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Endometritis is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the uterine cavity (endometrium). The disease leads to a sharp decrease in the chances of bearing and giving birth to a healthy child.

How to get pregnant with endometritis
How to get pregnant with endometritis


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Endometritis can be acute and chronic. During the period of treatment of the disease in its acute stage, it is necessary to observe sexual rest. Timely and high-quality therapy leads to a complete recovery. After that, conception can be planned. Women with chronic endometritis who want to have a baby can face a number of problems. First, the altered lining of the uterus cannot become a reliable basis for the embryo, even if fertilization occurs.

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The egg cell is hardly retained on the affected area of ​​the endometrium, so there is a high risk of miscarriage. It will persist throughout the pregnancy. The second serious threat is the inflammatory process, which does not fade with the onset of pregnancy, but continues to develop. In this case, the disease affects not only the walls of the uterus, but also passes to the growing fetus. The process ends with a miscarriage or intrauterine intoxication and the death of the embryo, therefore, with chronic endometritis, it is not recommended to plan a pregnancy. First you need to undergo a course of treatment.

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In most cases, chronic endometritis can be completely cured. Treatment is carried out without hospitalization, on an outpatient basis. It includes a course of therapeutic procedures using antibiotics, selected by a doctor, taking into account the pathogenic microflora of the internal genital organs. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs must be combined with drugs that raise immunity. Sometimes intrauterine drugs are prescribed. In the absence of a therapeutic effect from drugs and overly advanced forms of the disease, surgical treatment is used.

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With a positive dynamics of therapy, after the removal of the inflammatory process, physiological and phytotherapeutic restorative procedures are carried out. They contribute to the regeneration of the endometrium and the restoration of its properties. Modern methods of treating chronic endometritis (laser therapy, ozone therapy, magnetotherapy) are effective. The general course of treatment can be up to 4 months, the first conclusions about the results are made after the first two. Pregnancy after cured chronic endometritis will be completely safe for the woman and the unborn child. Conception can be planned at the end of therapy after the 1st menstrual cycle. Regular medical supervision is necessary.

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