Why Is Only The Average Portion Of Urine Collected For Analysis

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Why Is Only The Average Portion Of Urine Collected For Analysis
Why Is Only The Average Portion Of Urine Collected For Analysis

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According to the memo for the patient, approved in the letter No. 14/2/10 / 2-6432 of the Ministry of Health of Russia dated August 29, 2013, it is necessary to collect the middle portion for the general urine analysis. Collecting the entire urine portion distorts results and leads to misdiagnosis.

Collecting a midstream urine
Collecting a midstream urine

The process of urination

Collecting urine for a general analysis is recommended only after a thorough toilet of the external genitalia. But no matter how well the external genitals are processed, traces of soap and bacteria remain on the mucous membrane. At the beginning of urination, these foreign elements are washed off with urine, and if you start collecting it from the beginning of urination, all these inclusions will fall into the container and distort the result of the study. Thus, for the analysis, it is necessary to collect urine that is not in contact with the mucous membrane of the external genital organs.

When urinating, a woman should cover her vagina with a gauze swab so that natural secretions do not enter the urine collection container. Vaginal mucus is of a protein nature, and there is normally no protein in the urine, therefore, when female secretions are ingested, the results are also distorted. When urinating, a man must push back the foreskin, otherwise a secret from the glans penis will get into the urine.

The anatomical structure of men provides for the connection of the ureter and the seminal duct into the common urethra, therefore, with the first portion of urine, the remnants of sperm are washed out from a man, and in the presence of prostatitis, bacteria. When collecting all urine for analysis, the ingestion of male secretions will distort the results of the study.

To collect the middle portion of urine, the patient is advised to release the first portion for 2-3 seconds into the toilet, then collect the middle portion in a clean jar, and release the last portion into the toilet. The latter part is not recommended to be collected due to the fact that it is more concentrated, contains a lot of salts, so the analysis result will be inaccurate.

Urine composition

Normally, protein should not be present in the urine, if it is, it is recommended to retake the analysis, because the patient could violate the collection rules and collect the entire portion during urination. In the analysis, there should also be no sugar, its presence indicates diabetes mellitus or that the collection container was improperly prepared (for example, the baby food jar was poorly washed).

The presence of epithelium, leukocytes and mucus in the urine indicates the presence of inflammation in the renal pelvis, bladder, or poor hygienic preparation for the collection of the test. Therefore, when such elements are found, the patient is assigned a retake.

The detection of bacteria in the study of urine indicates the presence of infectious inflammation in the organs of the urinary system. However, bacteria can also be present in non-sterile dishes, so it is recommended to collect urine in special disposable plastic containers.

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