How To Quit Smoking On Your Own?

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How To Quit Smoking On Your Own?
How To Quit Smoking On Your Own?

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Quitting smoking is not that difficult, but it is possible. However, some smokers have breakdowns when they try to quit the addiction again. To emerge victorious from the nicotine war, take on a few tips.

Defeat your nicotine enemy once and for all
Defeat your nicotine enemy once and for all

It is necessary

Strong urge to quit smoking


Step 1

First, you need to start with your thoughts. You must be ready to quit smoking. That is, your desire to quit must be passionate, uncontrollable, firm. Only this kind of steadfastness will help you gain the upper hand over cigarettes.

Step 2

You should always remember that smoking is a multitude of addictions: nicotine, psychological, behavioral and even ammonia. How can you become stronger than these addictions? Motivate yourself. Think about positive changes in your tobacco-free life. Thus, a stable list of reasons why you need to quit smoking will form in your head: you will feel better, you will always smell nice, you will save money, your loved ones will not suffer from secondhand smoke, and the risk of a fire in the house will decrease. … There can be many reasons. Choose for yourself exactly what you want to quit smoking, and always remember this if your hands reach for cigarettes.

Step 3

So, the stage of psychological preparation is over. What's next? It's time to set a specific day when you will quit smoking. And from this day on, stop smoking. You can gradually prepare yourself for this day, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Step 4

Well, you don't smoke for an hour or two. But how to live without cigarettes for more than a few hours and not break down? Remember that nicotine will be eliminated from your body quickly enough - in just one to two days. But the desire to take a puff will remain. This is due to the manifestation of withdrawal syndrome. It can also be expressed in a deterioration in health and mood. But withdrawal can also be defeated if you want to. Anti-nicotine patches, special chewing gums and inhalers can help you. These drugs contain some doses of nicotine, but they are several times less than in cigarettes and are not addictive. Using these drugs instead of smoking will lead to a gradual depletion of nicotinic receptors. But remember that using these aids, you cannot smoke, as this will only increase the dose of nicotine entering the body. Also carefully follow the instructions that come with these drugs.

Step 5

Some tricks can help you cope with the urge to smoke. What else can be done to overcome withdrawal symptoms? Take care of your hands with small objects, nibble on crackers or toothpicks, drink more water, go to places where smoking is not accepted (that is, visit public places: a library, theater, museum, etc.), distract yourself with exercise, do a general cleaning, go to visit those who do not smoke, take up some hobby.

Step 6

Does the urge to smoke overtake you while driving your car? Take an unusual route that you never drive. The new path will focus your attention on the road and distract you from thinking about cigarettes. If that doesn't help, do something more radical: change to public transport. With all your desire to smoke, you cannot do it.

Step 7

A person can say that he quit smoking only after six months without cigarettes. If you get lost and don't make it to this deadline, don't despair. This happens to many. Set a new quit date and start your tobacco control from the beginning.

Step 8

If you understand that you cannot quit smoking on your own, then you should consult a doctor. They will do the necessary examinations of your body and help you create a personalized smoking cessation plan.

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