Is Hookah Harmful

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Is Hookah Harmful
Is Hookah Harmful

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Hookah is rapidly gaining popularity. Fragrant smoke, sweet taste and friendly company … Such gatherings are pleasant, but are they safe for the body?

Is hookah harmful
Is hookah harmful

Hookah smoking is becoming an increasingly common leisure activity. And the question arises - is there any harm from this entertainment?

Alas, there is. Of course, compared to cigarettes, hookah smoking is not such a pernicious habit. It cannot be smoked in quick puffs every two hours. Hookah is used 1-2 times a week, or less often.

Between smoking sessions, the human body has time to recover. There is no direct combustion of tobacco in the hookah. In this device, it dries up, but does not burn. And some of the carcinogenic substances, which include the tobacco mixtures used, do not pass into the volatile phase.

Hookah tobacco contains less nicotine than light cigarettes. But the danger of carbon monoxide remains the same. After all, the charcoal on the hookah bowl smolders, and this is a particular type of combustion, during which CO is released. Such a compound is the main threat, causing dizziness and headache. Therefore, you cannot buy cheap coal with foreign impurities so that the substances from their combustion do not add to carbon monoxide.

Can the water in the flask make hookah smoking absolutely safe?

Water is a good natural filter that removes a substantial proportion of harmful constituents from the smoke. A certain part of them remains in the shaft and the hookah hose. But a decent portion of substances hazardous to health gets into the lungs of the smoker. You can verify this by inserting a cigarette filter into the mouthpiece. After an hour of smoking, it will acquire a yellow-brown tint.

Is sitting behind a hookah worth the health spent on it?

If a person does not smoke at all, he should not participate in such meetings. And for people who are addicted to cigarettes and are able to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice their own health, hookah smoking will be a less pernicious habit than systematic smoke breaks.

A prerequisite is the use of special tobacco blends. You cannot linger with rinsing the hookah. You should not pour alcohol into the flask, you can only use natural wine. Drinking alcoholic beverages while smoking is also prohibited.

Hookah is harmful. An hour spent inhaling and exhaling aromatic smoke is equal to smoking 1 cigarette. If hookah is smoked in the company, the harm is reduced. To minimize damage to health, you should abandon chemical fast-burning coals and change tobacco in time.

Do not use it more than 2 times a week. It is necessary to remember the certain dangers of secondhand smoke and give up the temptation to enjoy fragrant smoke in the presence of pregnant women and children.

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