14 Tips For Quitting Smoking

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14 Tips For Quitting Smoking
14 Tips For Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking is many times easier than smokers themselves think. It is unlikely that any of them like to suffer from coughing and not at all fresh breath, notice in the mirror how much their teeth have darkened, spend impressive sums on cigarettes. This article will prove that smoking is just an addiction of consciousness, and will show you 15 tricks on how to overcome it.

14 tips for quitting smoking
14 tips for quitting smoking


Step 1

Mark the day on the calendar when the decision was made to quit smoking. Make the second mark after 14 days - this is enough time to become free of nicotine.

Step 2

Self-motivation is incredibly important. So, a list about the advantages of a life without smoking - about saving time and money, improving health, preserving youth, etc. - is able to convince anyone to quit nicotine.

Step 3

During the first adaptation week, smoking is still allowed, but only when keeping records of smoked cigarettes. Moreover, it is worth writing down under what circumstances, reasons and how many cigarettes were smoked. In this case, you must be extremely honest.

Step 4

It is important to enlist support where you are used to receiving it: from friends, family, in a team or on the Internet. Some turn to meditation, which can fully tune their thoughts to the success of their plans, some to religion.

Step 5

The number of cigarettes you smoke should decrease every day. Quitting smoking means smoking the rest of the pack and not buying a new one. Never.

Step 6

Deep breathing, healthy food and drinking plenty of ordinary water are the main restorators of the body and the main helpers in overcoming nicotine addiction.

Step 7

Before quitting smoking, be aware of headaches, lethargy, nervous overexcitation, coughing, even insomnia, and sometimes depression, which can haunt a smoker in the first stages of a new life without cigarettes. It is worth preparing for this, first of all, morally, so as not to break down, because such side effects are short-lived. Try to soothe yourself with fun reading, a pleasant bath, unusual treats, etc.

Step 8

Absolutely all smokers reach for a cigarette when they are nervous. Perhaps it will be more difficult to cope with this, since there will be an insistent desire to occupy your hands with something and draw on smoke. It is quite easy to find an alternative to this - the same candies or nuts, and even more useful apples or carrots cut into slices. In the presence of an anti-stress ball, tension is perfectly relieved.

Step 9

Try to share your own achievements, for example, write a short note on how to quit smoking, what is already happening, which can be published on any of the social networks. You will not believe how many encouraging reviews you immediately receive, and even strangers will express support and share secrets that were effective in their case.

Step 10

If you managed to hold out for at least a few days, then you should definitely encourage yourself somehow. Let it be a cute little thing, for example, a keychain, an exotic fruit that you have long wanted to feast on, a new lipstick, etc.

Step 11

Not just recommended, but absolutely necessary physical exercise, whether it be a gym, cycling or even awkward dancing to funny music at home - everything that can cheer you up and show the forgotten taste of life without cigarettes.

Step 12

You shouldn't even think about the offer to smoke. Only a categorical refusal. Yes, quitting smoking is not easy, but remember that the efforts already made can come to naught even with a single puff.

Step 13

It may seem trite, but the longer you are in the fresh air, the faster you will forget about cigarettes.You will learn to enjoy the beauty and tranquility available even in megacities, you will begin to notice things that you would not have kept your eyes on before, and you will understand that now you have much more available to you.

Step 14

For a while, stock up on aromatic spices that you use when cooking. It is advisable to have a small thermos with tea with added spices or citruses with you - it will come to the rescue when the urge to smoke seems overwhelming.

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