What Is The Harm From Chewing Gum To The Human Body

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What Is The Harm From Chewing Gum To The Human Body
What Is The Harm From Chewing Gum To The Human Body

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Chewing gum is an advertised product. Actors in white coats from television screens convince that she protects against tooth decay. But do real doctors agree with the opinion of advertisers?

What is the harm from chewing gum to the human body
What is the harm from chewing gum to the human body

What's in chewing gum

Chewing gum in most cases does not contain sugar, which is marketed as an advantage. That's right, sugar consumption leads to tooth decay. But are artificial sweeteners so good and harmless?

Natural sweeteners are almost identical in calories and effects on the body to regular sugar. Synthetic ones are capable of negatively affecting internal organs, many of them are toxic.

In addition to sugar substitutes, chewing gum contains a ton of preservatives and flavorings. And believe me, they have nothing to do with wild berries or bananas. Have you ever tried to inquire about the composition of chewing gum?

Glycerin is considered relatively safe when consumed in small amounts. However, it is capable of provoking diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Antioxidant E 320 is obtained from oil, it is banned in some countries. Negatively affects the kidneys, liver, stomach, thyroid gland, reproductive function. May also be carcinogenic.

The sweetener mannitol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and hives. It irritates the stomach and causes kidney dysfunction. It is strongly not recommended for children and patients with diabetes mellitus.

The sweetener aspartame causes headache, depression, anxiety, asthma, fatigue, blindness, aggressiveness, epilepsy, and memory impairment. This sweetener is also not recommended for children or pregnant women. May have teratogenic effects, i.e. provoke deformities in the fetus.

Children under 3 years old should not chew chewing gum at all. It is much better to replace it with natural gummies.

The sweetener acesulfame is carcinogenic. In animals, it caused tumors of the lungs, mammary glands, and leukemia.

And this is not a complete list of substances that can be found in chewing gum. As you can see, there is little good in them.

Why is the process of long chewing harmful?

Chewing gum produces a lot of saliva. This usually happens when eating food, saliva softens it. In the absence of food in the mouth, an abundance of saliva is swallowed and enters the stomach.

Once in the stomach, saliva reduces acid levels. In response, the stomach begins to produce more gastric juice. This leads to peptic ulcer disease and gastritis, which is why refrain from chewing gum at least on an empty stomach.

Frequent chewing of gum can cause temporomandibular joint dysfunction and even disrupt the bite.

It may sound funny, but chewing gum is psychologically addictive. For many people, constant chewing is calming and reassuring.

There are still some oral benefits of chewing gum. The safest option is to chew for no more than 15 minutes. Only handle chewing gum for hygienic purposes when absolutely necessary.

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