How To Treat An Earlobe

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How To Treat An Earlobe
How To Treat An Earlobe

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Having decided on a piercing, you need to be aware that the procedure is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. There is always the possibility that the puncture site will take a long time to heal or become inflamed a few months after a successful procedure. Fortunately, modern earlobe treatments can help minimize risks.

How to treat an earlobe
How to treat an earlobe

It is necessary

  • - disinfectant solutions;
  • - "Levomekol";
  • - cotton wool.


Step 1

For the earliest healing of the puncture on the earlobe, it is necessary to start treating the wound on the first day after the procedure. For this, disinfectant solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, furacilin, chlorhexidine, or regular medical alcohol are suitable. Soak cotton wool in one of the suggested liquids and gently wipe your earlobe. It is necessary to slightly rotate the earring so that the solution gets inside the puncture. In the absence of signs of inflammation, it will be sufficient to apply twice daily for two to three weeks.

Step 2

If, despite careful care of the earlobe, signs of inflammation (swelling, redness) appear, the frequency of treatment should be increased up to five times a day. In this case, it is advisable to change the disinfectant solution, because if it did not help you for preventive purposes, it is unlikely that it will cope with the inflammation. Do not take out the jewelry in the hope that the healing will go faster. The wound will indeed heal, but you will not be able to put the earring back in.

Step 3

If the wound has festered, you should treat the earlobe with Levomekol ointment three times a day. Remember that the procedure should only be carried out with clean hands, otherwise the problem will only worsen.

Step 4

If your earlobe still does not heal, you should see a doctor. Only he can assess the seriousness of the situation and suggest what to do next. This may be how you are allergic to the metal the jewelry is made of, so changing your earrings may help. But if the allergy has nothing to do with it, and the inflammation still does not heal, you will most likely have to give up wearing earrings.

Step 5

If inflammation occurs several months after the piercing procedure, the earlobe should be treated in the same way. But in this case, you will be able to remove the earring from your ear for a while, without worrying that the puncture site will tighten.

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