How To Increase Potency At Home

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How To Increase Potency At Home
How To Increase Potency At Home

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As a result of many negative factors, men are increasingly faced with a decrease in sexual function. Not everyone is able to ignore this. Most men wonder how to increase potency. This can only be done in a comprehensive manner.

How to increase potency at home
How to increase potency at home

What is potency

Potency is usually called the ability of a man to have sexual intercourse. A good level of it means normal attraction and desire, physical elasticity and firmness of the penis at the time of arousal, as well as the duration of sex and the occurrence of an erection. In medical practice, there are no exact data on normal potency, but there are boundaries, the departure from which is considered a problem.

The problems may be subtle at first and are simply called erectile dysfunction. But if you do not take up the treatment in time, then everything can lead to complete impotence.

Most men suffering from this ailment also experience severe and prolonged stress, which ultimately only aggravates an already abnormal condition.

It is important to quickly contact a specialist so as not to waste time. Many men are complex about this and delay the visit to the doctor. This is an extremely erroneous action. It is possible to increase potency at home, but only a specialist can prescribe a course of therapy.

How to increase potency at home

Doctors have found that in men under 45, erectile dysfunction or impotence in most cases occurs as a result of psychological problems. At the age of 45 to 60 years, this problem of an intimate nature arises as a result of a malfunction of the blood vessels. After 60 years, men suffer from impotence as a side effect of other diseases inherent in this age.

That is why doctors, when asked how to increase potency, first of all recommend minimizing stress in life as much as possible. You also need to overcome your bad habits, if any. Equalization of the duration and quality of sleep is also important. If this did not help bring the potency back to normal, then the doctor prescribes a whole range of measures:

  1. Exercises for an erection.
  2. Massage that can increase potency.
  3. Scrotum massage.

Doctors do not immediately grab the scalpel in order to relieve the patient of the problem. In some cases, you can increase potency using folk methods. The most effective of these are:

  1. Contrast shower or bath in the evening.
  2. Increasing blood circulation by visiting a bath or sauna. Plus, this method is great for stress relief.
  3. Constant healthy lifestyle. Alcohol, cigarettes, fast food and other harmful products can only worsen the quality of life.
  4. The use of products that increase potency: walnuts, chocolate, yolks, honey, fresh garlic, legumes.

If these ways to increase sweating do not lead to the long-awaited result, then doctors prescribe medications:

  1. Viagra.
  2. Ziden.
  3. Majesti.
  4. Levitra.

It should be understood that these drugs are able to enhance the existing potency, but cannot cause it. The tablets are acceptable before intercourse. Their main function is to increase the duration of the act. The effect of the drugs lasts for 4-24 hours.

There are also special creams that can improve the physiological signs of sex drive. Such medicines include MachoMen and Maxim.

In no case should you prescribe yourself drugs that increase potency on your own. Moreover, it is impossible to use several types at once without a written recommendation from a doctor.

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