How To Choose A Time To Eat

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How To Choose A Time To Eat
How To Choose A Time To Eat

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In the diet, everything is important: what exactly to eat, and the time when to eat. The body absorbs nutrients better if food is supplied at a certain time.

How to choose a time to eat
How to choose a time to eat


Step 1

Determine the optimal breakfast time for you depending on the operating times, best of all - from 6 to 9 o'clock. Don't skip your morning meal before work or exercise. The body compensates for the lack of breakfast with interest during lunch or dinner, and this is fraught with extra pounds. The best breakfast food is protein. If it was early, eat some fruit or a glass of juice a couple of hours before lunch.

Step 2

During the daytime, no matter how busy the day is, have lunch between 12 and 13 o'clock. At lunchtime, the body needs food the most, so choose 2 - 3 meals rich in carbohydrates and fiber. If you are watching your weight, then eat half a portion of each dish, but keep in mind the variety of the menu.

Step 3

Be sure to have a light afternoon snack between lunch and dinner. You need to choose a time for eating from 16 to 17 hours, then you will have enough strength to finish the work until the end of the working day. If you're on a diet, treat yourself to dessert once a week for an afternoon snack. At this time of day, the body burns carbohydrates as much as possible, so you will not harm your figure.

Step 4

Eat easily digestible food for dinner to avoid overloading your stomach and pancreas before bed. Have an evening meal from 6 pm to 7 pm and try not to eat after this time. If you still feel hungry before going to bed, drink warm milk or green tea.

Step 5

Particularly noteworthy is the time to eat before physical training. Eat a liquid meal an hour before going to the gym so that your body has enough energy to exercise and does not drop your blood sugar dramatically. Avoid snacking immediately before your workout and refrain from eating for an hour afterwards.

Step 6

If you are expecting a baby or recovering from an illness, adjust your diet. Eat small meals at 3 hour intervals for 5 meals a day. Eliminate fatty, smoked, salty foods if possible. Choose natural, freshly prepared foods.

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