Why Poppy Is Considered A Drug

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Why Poppy Is Considered A Drug
Why Poppy Is Considered A Drug

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The poppy flower symbolizes feminine charm. A poppy field looks very beautiful in the sunlight. People eat poppy seeds by adding it to baked goods. However, the people believe that poppy contains narcotic substances.

Why poppy is considered a drug
Why poppy is considered a drug

Is poppy a drug?

It is the poppy that people eat that is not a drug in itself. The poppy plant contains seeds (also called edible poppy) and poppy straw (the rest of the flower). Poppy straw is not eaten. This indicates the content of narcotic substances in this part of the plant.

Poppy and opium

Unripe opium poppy boxes contain opium. It looks like thickened milky juice. Opium is used both in medicines and in heroin. The drug is precisely the opium contained in the poppy straw. Therefore, it is forbidden to illegally grow a large number of poppy plants on its territory.

Poppy properties

Poppy is a really controversial plant. On the one hand, it is a beautiful flower that attracts with its appearance, pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, poppy contains juice with narcotic substances. It is not difficult to obtain opium from unripe poppy pods by hand. The opium is subsequently processed into morphine. Morphine is a substance found in many sleeping pills, pain relievers, and drugs. Thanks to this, people paid attention to poppy in antiquity.

From the history

Many eastern countries have promoted opium smoking. The people of the eastern countries believed that, in this way, they found an alternative to drinking alcohol. After all, the religion of Muslims forbids them to drink alcoholic beverages. In the 19th century, the war took place, which later became known as the "opium". At that time, China banned the import of opium into the country. England, on the other hand, wanted to import such a product, because it brought the country huge profits. The war ended as a result of the defeat of the Chinese.

Poppy seeds

The growing poppy can be seen among the cereals. During the ripening of the plant, the capsule bursts very abruptly, because of which the seeds can fly away a decent distance. But sometimes it happens that the seeds fall out of the flower box even before ripening. Industrial oil is also obtained from them. Poppy seeds are widely used in the confectionery industry.

The use of poppy for medicinal purposes

In ancient times, opium was made from poppy, which was actively used for medicinal purposes. The ancient Egyptians used poppy-containing medicines to treat insomnia. This use of poppy is popular today. Modern medicines contain milky poppy juice extracted from unripe capsules. In Russia, a ban on poppy cultivation was introduced in 2004. This law covers all types of poppy, where narcotic substances exist. The only plant species that does not contain drugs is Alpine Poppy.

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