How To Fix Teeth Bite

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How To Fix Teeth Bite
How To Fix Teeth Bite

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Of course, every bite is different. But it is not difficult to determine that you have a wrong bite. If you have uneven teeth, chewing muscles regularly hurt, or you find it uncomfortable to close your jaws due to improper closing, you should consider visiting a dental clinic.

How to fix teeth bite
How to fix teeth bite

It is necessary

consultation with an orthodontist


Step 1

See an orthodontist. This is what the doctor will diagnose your jaws with. Panoramic images of the jaw and X-rays of all teeth will be taken. This is done in order to identify the cause of the malocclusion.

Step 2

There is a recently widespread jaw defect - crowded teeth. The cause of this defect is wisdom teeth. The jaws of modern humans are too small for the number of teeth that were originally intended by nature. Therefore, the removal of wisdom teeth is by no means a whim of dentists who want to earn extra money.

Step 3

If crowded teeth are the cause of your malocclusion, you will be referred to a surgeon to have extra molars removed.

Step 4

Extraction of teeth is performed once a week, so that during the break the body has time to recover and remove the remains of anesthesia from the blood.

Step 5

After the causes of the abnormal tooth growth have been removed, your orthodontist will supply you with a bite-correcting system. Braces are most commonly used to correct bite.

Step 6

The installation of the braces system is as follows: metal crowns with hooks are attached to straight-standing molars. The actual braces are glued to the uneven incisors and canines. Braces are also a kind of hooks. The entire system is connected using a metal power arc. The shape of the arch follows the shape of an ideal bite. The system of braces exerts constant slight pressure on the teeth; under this pressure, the teeth are gradually "pulled apart" along the jaw.

Step 7

There are metal and transparent braces. Metal braces are very reliable and relatively inexpensive. But they are the most conspicuous and ugly. Transparent braces - plastic, ceramic and sapphire - can be almost invisible on the teeth, but they are quite fragile and expensive. Plus, clear braces can stain if you drink a lot of coffee or strong tea.

Step 8

Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth. They are designed to correct minor defects and cause significant inconvenience to the patient at first.

Step 9

Visit your orthodontist every ten days for two years to get a harder arch. She pulls her teeth harder, because of this, they will ache for one or two days. The duration of treatment and the frequency of visits to the doctor are approximate and depend on the complexity of the bite defect.

Step 10

After each meal, rinse your mouth thoroughly, and use a toothpick to remove pieces of food stuck in the braces.

Step 11

For full oral hygiene, you will have to use three types of brushes in the morning and in the evening. With a regular toothbrush, you will brush loose molars in the back of your mouth. You will need a special brush to clean your teeth with braces. This brush has longer bristles at the edges than in the center. The spaces between the braces are cleaned with a small brush.

Step 12

Avoid eating solid foods such as nuts or seeds and chewing gum.

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