What Is The Danger Of An Incorrect Bite

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What Is The Danger Of An Incorrect Bite
What Is The Danger Of An Incorrect Bite

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A teenager with braces is quite common. Today orthodontics is a developed direction in dentistry, which serves not only children, but also adults. Recently, experts in the course of numerous studies have come to the conclusion that an incorrect bite negatively affects not only the health of the teeth, but also the whole organism.

What is the danger of an incorrect bite
What is the danger of an incorrect bite


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An incorrect bite prevents an even distribution of the load when chewing food. As a result, by about 35 years in a person, the chewing teeth become mobile, the necks of the teeth become bare, and significant gaps appear. This is how periodontal disease creeps in. You can't do without the help of a specialist!

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Temporomandibular joints also suffer from malocclusion. Symptoms appear over time. There are headaches, clicking when opening the mouth, pain and tingling in the masticatory muscles. In order not to start this process, it is advised to correct the malocclusion at an early age. besides, the teeth in adolescence are much more "mobile" and easier to adjust.

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French orthopedist J.-M. Landouzi suggested that a certain shift in the jaw due to malocclusion could affect the structure of the spine. Displacement of the teeth, asymmetric contraction of the muscles of the jaw and neck change the position of the head. The body tries to find muscle "balance" due to the position of the shoulders and back. As a result, there may be pain in the spine, poor posture. Observation and treatment by a specialist is inevitable.

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And, of course, the aesthetic aspect is also important. An incorrect bite prevents a person from freely expressing emotions of joy. Careful observation of your facial expressions makes it difficult to relax in a friendly company. Complexes appear. This is especially true for the female half.

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