How To Change The Bite

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How To Change The Bite
How To Change The Bite

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All people devote enough time to their appearance: they take care of their skin, hair and, of course, teeth. An attractive white smile and beautiful, straight teeth help in communication and make a person more confident. In case of problems with occlusion, a specialist in the field of dentistry - an orthodontist - can help you by installing braces.

How to change the bite
How to change the bite


Step 1

An orthodontist will give you detailed advice on your case, carry out a thorough diagnosis based on a panoramic image of the jaw and suggest a preliminary treatment plan.

Step 2

Modern orthodontics solves the problem of uneven teeth at any age through the use of lingual and vestibular braces. The doctor will fix the braces with composite material on the inside or outside of the teeth. Besides, braces are absolutely safe for enamel. You can choose from ceramic, metal, gold and sapphire braces.

Step 3

Immediately after the installation of braces, the process of aligning the dentition will begin, which lasts from 1 to 3 years, taking into account the complexity of the anomaly. You will need to visit your doctor regularly to prevent unwanted effects from occurring.

Step 4

If your child has a malocclusion when the baby teeth have not yet changed to permanent teeth, you should also see an orthodontist. In addition, at an early age, such a correction of the position of the teeth is much faster and easier.

Step 5

An experienced doctor will supply your child with removable prophylactic devices that do not need to be worn all the time. As a rule, they are used for 12-14 hours a day. It is convenient to put on such braces during sleep, due to which the function of the muscles that form the jaw bones correctly is normalized.

Step 6

Often, parents themselves provoke the appearance of uneven teeth in children. Do not rush to remove a barely swayed baby tooth from a child, as the adjacent teeth move slightly into the free space in the oral cavity and the permanent tooth begins to grow crooked.

Step 7

An orthodontist will install a comfortable miniature fixed structure or a special prosthesis for your child to retain the space necessary for the permanent tooth to grow properly. During the period of changing teeth in a child, the doctor uses removable lamellar apparatuses. The doctor controls the change in the size of the dental arches and carries out the correction of the plates, due to which there is a soft correction of the bite.

Step 8

If your child has a disproportionate jaw position, the doctor will suggest installing two-jaw functional removable appliances. Their action is to partially restrain or stimulate the growth of the jaw and move them relative to each other. They will help not only correct the bite, but also change the profile and shape of your child's face for the better.

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