What Makes A Person Healthy

What Makes A Person Healthy
What Makes A Person Healthy

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Health is a way of life, it must be developed and maintained all the time. Periodic short attempts to take care of your health will not bring a stable result. There are many foundations of health, but the most important of them are: a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, physical activity and a positive outlook.

What makes a person healthy
What makes a person healthy

Well-being is based on maintaining a lifestyle in which the body does not work all the time "to wear and tear." This does not mean that the more you mess around, the healthier you will be. But you need to dose the load, including mental and psychological. It is sometimes even useful to arrange stress, a periodic shake activates all organs. But if you are under stress all the time, then sooner or later the body will begin to malfunction. Give up bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse, too hearty dinner shortly before bed - all of them significantly reduce the health resource in your body.

A balanced nutritious diet is an essential component of health. It is advisable to eat less fatty foods, especially fried foods, but add raw vegetable oils to food. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals - all this should be included in the menu every day. The least useful, but at the same time, very high-calorie foods - buns, white bread, fried potatoes, sweets - should be excluded from the daily diet. Of course, sometimes you can relax and allow yourself a little extra. But do it occasionally and stop in time.

Clean water is a must for the health of the body. Not everyone can drink 1, 5-2 liters a day. But at least 1 glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach and a glass 20-30 minutes before each meal is not at all difficult.

Experiments have shown that a person cannot live long without sleep. The body needs adequate sleep to recuperate. You need to sleep from 6 to 9 hours every day (depending on the individual needs of the body). In this case, it is advisable to fall asleep no later than 23 hours. The air in the bedroom should be fresh and relatively cool, it is desirable that the temperature does not exceed 22-23 degrees.

Breathe in fresh air, make time for walks in the forest or park. Ventilate the apartment regularly, even in winter. Do not close the windows tightly, leave at least small gaps, a slight draft will not harm the health of even a small child, if you do not hide and wrap him up from the first days.

Give your body mandatory physical activity: walking with exercises, jogging (but not along the road), gym, swimming pool, group sports, rollerblading, skating - choose what you like.

It is very useful to visit the bathhouse at least once every two weeks. It perfectly cleanses and stimulates the entire body, improves metabolism. And if, at the same time, arrange contrasting water procedures, then you will be guaranteed excellent health for a few days in advance.

And, of course, train yourself to think positively, do not get discouraged by the little things. And if you are upset, then do not dwell on troubles, but try to quickly bring yourself into a calm mood. Negative emotions affect the work of the brain and internal organs, which means they undermine health and shorten life. Make yourself happy more often and just enjoy life.

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