How Is A CT Scan Of The Brain Done?

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How Is A CT Scan Of The Brain Done?
How Is A CT Scan Of The Brain Done?

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The effectiveness of the treatment of brain diseases depends on accurate and informative diagnosis. Currently, a popular method for examining brain structures is MRI - magnetic resonance imaging, which provides comprehensive information for the doctor.

How is a tomography of the brain done?
How is a tomography of the brain done?

What is computed tomography

The essence of this method lies in the effect of resonance of protons in the hydrogen atoms of the human body, which is located in the area of ​​a powerful magnetic field. MRI provides the ability to conduct a series of layer-by-layer sections in different planes.

The image obtained with the help of special equipment is processed by a computer. The absence of radiation exposure makes this procedure safe for the patient, if necessary, it can be repeated. MRI is one of the most reliable research methods. Its purpose is the accurate diagnosis of brain diseases, which ensures the detection of pathological changes in the early stages and the appointment of adequate treatment.

Indications for MRI

Computed tomography is performed on patients with severe headaches, dizziness of an unknown nature, impaired hearing and vision, head trauma and dementia. This research method is used in the diagnosis of circulatory disorders in the brain, oncological pathology, monitoring of the operations performed and in chronic diseases of the nervous system.

In what cases is tomography impossible

An absolute contraindication for MRI is the presence of metal and electronic implants in the human body, such as a pacemaker, artificial joints, dental plates and pins. Relative contraindications include artificial heart valves, decompensated heart failure, early pregnancy, and the presence of braces and tattoos with iron-containing paint.

How is the procedure carried out

No special preparation is required before the MRI scan, the only requirement is that the patient must be on an empty stomach. If such a study has been carried out before, it is advisable to bring a disc with the previous pictures. All metal objects are removed before the procedure. The presence of foreign bodies inside the body must be notified to the doctor, as this may affect the reliability of the test results.

In order to increase the effectiveness of MRI, a contrast agent is injected intravenously, after which the patient is placed inside the tomograph for 15 to 25 minutes. During this time, the patient is in a horizontal position, it is necessary to lie still, communication with the staff is carried out through a microphone. At the end of the examination, the patient receives a series of images with which he must contact the attending physician.

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