Why Do They Pass Morning Urine

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Why Do They Pass Morning Urine
Why Do They Pass Morning Urine

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A person has to take tests many times throughout his life. This is required not only from sick people, but also from completely healthy people. The test results may be needed for the military registration and enlistment office, for hiring, before the trip, and so on.

Why do they pass morning urine
Why do they pass morning urine

Not every clinic has ideal conditions for visitors. Patients who come for a referral for analysis should definitely be given recommendations on how exactly to prepare for the study. But in practice, this is not always the case.

The reasons for not informing patients may be different, but the reality is that the majority of people taking tests in this regard are almost completely illiterate. For example, not everyone knows how to prepare for urine collection for testing.

How to donate urine for analysis

To obtain reliable research results, it is necessary to correctly collect the material. If you do not follow the rules for preparing for the delivery of the test material, at best this leads to the need to re-run the analysis, at worst - the diagnosis will be wrong, and the treatment will also be prescribed incorrectly. The consequences of an incorrect diagnosis will be quite severe.

In order to pass a general urine test, it is better to use the so-called "morning" urine, that is, one that collects in the bladder during the night. First, a thorough washing of the external genital organs should be carried out - it is necessary to wash in the direction of the anus and not in the opposite direction. After that, you need to wipe dry with a clean linen napkin. The urine must be collected in a cleanly washed, dried glass container - the use of ducks and pots will not work, since substances may remain there that will distort the correct picture of the analysis.

Do not use the first portion of urine - collect the middle one without touching the body with the bottle. After collecting the dishes with urine, close the lid more tightly.

Why is it necessary to take morning urine?

One hundred milliliters of urine is enough for analysis - you should not bring a liter jar to the laboratory to do a simple general analysis. Morning urine is one that has been in the bladder all night, or at least the last urination was at least six hours ago. Natural daily fluctuations in the indicators of such urine are significantly reduced, thus, the studied parameters can be characterized more objectively than in the material collected at other times of the day.

Failure to comply with the rules for collecting urine can contribute to the fact that a large number of red blood cells and leukocytes will be detected in it. This will make it difficult to make a diagnosis, so it is better to do everything right right away than to confuse doctors with the results of laboratory tests.

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