How To Get Better With Diabetes

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How To Get Better With Diabetes
How To Get Better With Diabetes

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The development of diabetes mellitus is caused either by insufficient production of insulin by the islet cells of the pancreas, or the inability of the body to use this insulin. Glucose is the main source of energy in the body, and the process of its entry into cells is vital. In the absence of free or stored glucose, cells are forced to break down fats and proteins in order to meet the body's energy needs. This process can be fatal.

How to get better with diabetes
How to get better with diabetes


Step 1

Before you take any action to change your weight, you need to determine what kind of diabetes you have. To do this, seek help from the hospital and be sure to consult with doctors. Listen to their advice, doctors will give you all the advice you need on how to eat right, what foods to eat and help you make the right diet.

Step 2

Try to learn how to manage sugar levels in your body. Your body needs to get the amount of insulin it needs. Since the properties of some foods are similar to those of insulin, it means that they should become everyday components of the diet on your table.

Step 3

Meals for diabetes should be frequent 5-6 times a day. Think over the menu for every day, take into account the percentage of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in it. Do not forget about the calorie content of your food.

Step 4

Create a food table for yourself. Divide them into three parts: important and necessary for the body, foods that can be consumed, but in limited quantities, and those that cannot be eaten at all.

Step 5

With diabetes mellitus, wheat stew, barley broth, marinades and jellies, fresh fish are useful. Eat sprouted wheatgrass, soy, garlic, beans, Jerusalem artichoke, blueberries, raw vegetables, and Brussels sprouts. To facilitate the digestion of fats, it is necessary to add spices to food, with the exception of hot pepper.

Step 6

Instead of sugar, you need to eat the fruits of dogwood, blackberries, raspberries, dried and ground chicory fruits. Natural honey is a source of many beneficial substances.

Step 7

It is advisable to drink a variety of fresh juices in unlimited quantities. Juices of sour pomegranate, mulberry, plum, cucumber juice mixed with flea plantain juice, as well as decoctions of wild rose and St. John's wort are very useful.

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