How To Give An Injection Correctly

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How To Give An Injection Correctly
How To Give An Injection Correctly

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Sometimes there are situations when you urgently need to give someone an injection. Anyone can learn to give an intramuscular injection. Vein injections require serious training. They should be done by people with medical education. There are certain rules, knowledge of which will help you to make an intramuscular injection correctly.

How to give an injection correctly
How to give an injection correctly

It is necessary

  • - syringe;
  • - ampoules;
  • - alcohol.


Step 1

For an intramuscular injection, you will need a special syringe with a long needle. The injection should be done while lying down. It is very important to choose the right injection site, otherwise you may injure the sciatic nerve. Imagine that you are dividing the buttock into 4 sections. You need to prick in the extreme upper part.

Step 2

Wash your hands. Take the ampoule and wipe the tip with cotton wool dipped in alcohol. With a special file that is attached to the ampoules, run several times along the base of the tip and break it off.

Step 3

Open the syringe package. Do not remove the cap from the needle and put it on the syringe. Now remove the cap and carefully draw on the medicine.

Step 4

Then, hold the syringe in your left hand (hold it upright) and tap it with your right finger so that the air bubbles rise up. Begin to release air from it until the medicine appears at the tip of the needle.

Step 5

Wipe the injection site with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Stretch or squeeze the skin in this area with your fingers. This will relieve pain.

Step 6

Briskly push the needle all the way down to the base. Inject the medicine slowly. Then remove the needle and apply cotton wool soaked in alcohol to the area. After a couple of seconds, start massaging the injection area.

Step 7

If the medicine is made in powder form, you will need to dilute it with novocaine or distilled water. This will require two needles and one syringe.

Step 8

Draw the liquid from the ampoule into the syringe. Wipe the cap of the vial with alcohol and add liquid to the vial. Remove the needle and shake the vial until the powder dissolves.

Step 9

Then draw up the resulting solution and syringe. Remove the used needle and put on a new one. Now you can give the injection.

Step 10

If the medicine is an oily solution, there are some nuances. Before giving an injection, the ampoule must be heated in warm water. Remember that the oil solution must not get into the bloodstream. Therefore, as soon as you insert the needle, pull the plunger towards you. If you see blood flowing into the syringe, it means that you have touched a blood vessel. Remove the syringe, put on a new needle and inject again. If blood no longer flows into the syringe, then you have come to the right place. In this case, you can enter the solution.

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