How Not To Get Infected In The Pool

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How Not To Get Infected In The Pool
How Not To Get Infected In The Pool

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Swimming is one of the most rewarding sports. However, many who want to do it are discouraged by the fear of contracting an infection in the pool. To ensure that your visits to the pool go without health complications, there are a few precautions you should take.

How not to get infected in the pool
How not to get infected in the pool


Step 1

After swimming, be sure to shower and use an intimate hygiene product with antiseptics. This is necessary in order to maximally protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. In addition, within 2 hours, you can apply hexinone suppositories for chlamydia, uroplasmosis, gardnerelosis, trichomoniasis, syphilis, gonorrhea or normovag for thrush. In principle, the likelihood of picking up a sexually transmitted disease in chlorinated water is quite small. However, if the pool is poorly disinfected or if you have low immunity, the possibility of infection exists.

Step 2

Wear rubber flip flops. The risk of contracting a fungus in the pool is quite high, because moisture and heat are good for the development of this infection. Before visiting the pool, you can use Peclavus Wool-Fat-Creme (Germany), which forms a film on the skin that prevents the penetration of infection. Immediately after swimming, wash your feet thoroughly with soap, paying particular attention to the folds between the toes, dry them thoroughly and apply a fungal prevention agent.

Step 3

Use only your towels, hairbrushes, hats and slippers, never walk barefoot on the floor. Failure to comply with these basic safety measures can result in human papillomavirus infection. This infection is manifested by the formation of warts and papillomas on the skin.

Step 4

Skip the pool during periods of low immunity: during a cold or menstruation. During this time, your body is extremely susceptible to any infection.

Step 5

Avoid touching other bathers while swimming. Before you sit on the side of the pool and bench, lay a towel, of course, not the one with which you will dry yourself after a shower. After each visit to the pool, wash your swimsuit and towel thoroughly, wash your cap, comb and slippers with soap.

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