How To Whiten A Crown

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How To Whiten A Crown
How To Whiten A Crown

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Every person dreams of a healthy, snow-white smile. In most cases, this can be achieved by teeth whitening. In modern dentistry, crowns are not an obstacle to such a procedure. How to whiten the crown itself?

How to whiten a crown
How to whiten a crown


Step 1

First, whiten the teeth adjacent to those on which the crowns will be installed. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve color matching, and sometimes it is simply impossible. It is much easier to choose the right shade of cermets after chemical teeth whitening. Modern dental technologies make it possible to achieve full color matching of the crown and natural whitened tooth. A metal-ceramic crown completely repeats not only the color, but also the shape of the tooth.

Step 2

If your crowns have already been installed before, accept the fact that the color of the bleached teeth will be different from the color of the crown. Or install veneers. These thin veneer plates are fitted to enhance the appearance of the incisors and are made of ceramic. Veneers have optical translucency and are presented in a wide range of colors (white, cream, any other color) according to the patient's taste. Veneers retain their color and are not stained in any way during the entire period of use.

Step 3

Take advantage of modern glycerin preparations and flavors. Strictly observe the application technology. Apply the optimal amount of gel to the crowns and do not keep special mouth guards in your mouth for a long time to avoid corroding the enamel of adjacent teeth. This procedure is effective in 2-4 weeks.

Step 4

Do not bleach if you have high tooth mobility. Placing crowns for greater stability will be a fairly convenient procedure for you, but whitening will be categorically contraindicated. Chemical whitening should also not be performed if you have gum disease, dental caries, or any other damage to the enamel.

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