How To Treat Dry Eyes

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How To Treat Dry Eyes
How To Treat Dry Eyes

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If your eyes turn red, you feel a burning sensation and itching, something prevents you from blinking, then most likely you have dry eyes. This is a very unpleasant disease that, fortunately, is treatable. What can you do to relieve dry eyes?

How to treat dry eyes
How to treat dry eyes

It is necessary

  • - eye drops;
  • - onion.


Step 1

Be sure to visit your doctor and find out the cause of dry eyes. If the disease has not become severe, you will be prescribed special drops. They are also called artificial tears. Prefer preservative-free drops.

Step 2

If dry eyes are caused by constant eye strain, use onions. We must "cry" over him at night. This is a very good preventive measure, especially for those whose work involves constant eye strain.

Step 3

Do eye gymnastics. Blink, look at some nearby object and shift your gaze to a thing that is far from you. Repeat several times. Make circular movements with your eyes, describing them in circles and eights. Look left, right, up, down. Do not tilt or tilt your head while exercising.

Step 4

Take breaks every 20 minutes when using your computer. Close your eyes with your palms and rest for a minute. Imagine looking at a completely black piece of paper. Open your eyes and blink. Do eye exercises.

Step 5

If symptoms persist or worsen, see your doctor. The advanced stage of the disease will have to be treated surgically. Do not delay it.

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