How To Cure A Wart

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How To Cure A Wart
How To Cure A Wart

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From time to time, many people suffer from warts, nodules of the skin of a viral origin. As if on purpose, they appear in places that are visible to others. These are hands, elbows, knees, less often - the face and scalp. The so-called plantar warts are also annoying. One way or another, these growths on the skin spoil the appearance with their very unattractive appearance, make you feel both physical and mental discomfort. In the meantime, you can get rid of them on your own, and our grandmothers knew about it.

How to cure a wart
How to cure a wart


Step 1

Cut off a few leaves of Kalanchoe pinnate, slightly remember them and apply to the warts. Make a bandage over the top. 3-4 procedures and - the warts disappear. The same can be done by replacing the Kalanchoe with fresh celandine or dandelion stalks (mash so that milky juice comes out).

Step 2

Prepare a tortilla according to this recipe: crush a clove of garlic in a garlic bowl, pour 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence, add wheat flour (you can grade II) and knead the dough with a spoon (do not use your hands, the essence can burn the skin). Take an adhesive plaster and cut holes in it the size of a wart, apply the patch to your skin so that the wart is in the hole intended for it, and the surrounding skin is under the patch. After that, apply a cake from the resulting dough exactly to the wart, and apply the plaster again on top. Bandage everything. Wear the bandage for 2-3 days. If the outcome is favorable, you will see that the wart (or what is left of it) has disappeared. If not, repeat the procedure from the beginning. A painful fossa may appear at the site of the wart, put a cotton swab with Vishnevsky's ointment on it, and the wound will heal.

Step 3

Fresh mountain ash juice (red mountain ash, moreover, not decorative) helps to get rid of warts. The growths should be constantly moistened with juice, and over time they will disappear. The juice of sour varieties of apples, fresh tomatoes, calendula acts in the same way, but disposal is slower.

Step 4

Cut the onion in half or slices and soak in vinegar. Tie to wart at night. It will take 4-5 procedures. Do not calm down halfway - when the warts are gone, repeat the procedure twice so that the root disappears too.

Step 5

An old recipe for warts. Grate horseradish, squeeze out the juice and crush coarse salt in it. Rub in at night or do lotions.

Step 6

Recipe from village healers. Take a potato, cut it in half. Throw one half over your head back with the words "I throw potatoes, I say goodbye to the warts," and the other to rub the warts and bury it in a place where it could not germinate, but dried out. Bury with the words: “Earth, earth, take the sickness of God's servant (name). Let it perish, as the blue-stream subside”. After 1-2 weeks, the warts will disappear.

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