How To Wake Up Cheerfully In The Morning

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How To Wake Up Cheerfully In The Morning
How To Wake Up Cheerfully In The Morning

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Every morning you wake up with a feeling of tiredness and because of this you can not get into a work rhythm? Are you puzzled over the cause of weakness and do not know how to regain your morning vigor? There are many reasons for this fatigue. But the most common thing is that you do not know how to properly rest and do not follow the daily routine.

How to wake up cheerfully in the morning
How to wake up cheerfully in the morning


Step 1

First of all, learn to go to bed on time. Do not stay up late at the TV screen or in front of the monitor. Sleep should be in the dark. Even the diffused light of a night light interferes with good rest. Draw curtains to avoid lanterns. And try to provide silence. You can use the aromatic oils that are popular today. Light the aroma lamp shortly before bed. Lavender has a good effect on sleep. Or purchase a special sleep pillow filled with soothing herbs.

Step 2

Conduct a psychological adjustment of the body. Give yourself a mental order to wake up at the right time. Repeat this order several times, as if memorizing. Imagine that you need to wake up at this hour in order to do something pleasant. For example, have breakfast with a fresh warm bun. Your brain will listen to the command and you will wake up much faster and easier.

Step 3

If there is such an opportunity, set the alarm clock not to a regular call, but to a vigorous energetic melody. This will help you feel more energized and possibly lift your spirits.

Step 4

Breakfast influences the state of vitality very strongly. In order not to relax after a meal, but rather to feel a surge of energy - decorate the kitchen in bright yellow, orange and red colors. They not only stimulate appetite, but also add vigor. It is advisable to eat citrus fruits for the same purpose in the morning. And be sure to provide an influx of fresh air, open the window.

Step 5

Don't forget to take a shower. It is better if you use cool water during the procedure. Or alternate between cool and warm.

Step 6

An immobile state reduces performance and leads to rapid fatigue. Therefore, do not sit for a long time in one place. Try to move more, including in your workplace. And take short walks. It is very useful not only for waking up in the morning, but also for maintaining vigor for the whole day.

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