How To Heal A Sore Throat Quickly

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How To Heal A Sore Throat Quickly
How To Heal A Sore Throat Quickly

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Angina appears at the most inopportune moment and causes general weakness. The temperature remains high, which worsens the patient's well-being and completely knocks him out of the usual rhythm of life. Treatment of the disease must be dealt with immediately, so you will be able to reduce the time for recovery.

How to heal a sore throat quickly
How to heal a sore throat quickly

It is necessary

  • - salt, iodine, soda;
  • - chamomile;
  • - lozenges and sprays;
  • - antibiotics.


Step 1

Examine your throat carefully under bright light. If pus is visible on the surface of the tonsils, then only antibiotics can help you. Go to the hospital and make an appointment with a therapist. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and a prescription. It makes no sense to treat purulent sore throat with improvised means, you only remove the visible symptoms, and even then not for long. If you have only a slight redness of the pharynx and pain, but there is no pus, then proceed to treatment without the use of antibacterial agents.

Step 2

Gargle with salt solution as often as possible. If the pain is very severe, dilute 2-3 tablespoons in a glass of water, add 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda and 4 drops of iodine. The solution tastes very unpleasant, but it helps perfectly. Gargle every 10-15 minutes on the first day of illness, then a little less often and with a weaker solution. The pain will go away literally in the first hours, the disease will recede in 2-3 days, without actually having time to start in earnest.

Step 3

There are many local remedies for the treatment of sore throats. Buy lozenges or spray. Use as directed. Most of these medicines contain essential oils and antimicrobial agents. Due to these additives, pain is relieved, and the inflammatory process gradually disappears.

Step 4

Drink chamomile tea. Brew about 2-3 tablespoons of raw materials in a liter of boiling water. Take 100-200 g throughout the day. You can use the broth instead of tea and gargle with it. Chamomile kills germs and bacteria and speeds up the healing process.

Step 5

Treatment should last at least 7-10 days. Otherwise, you will get rid of only the symptoms, the microbes will go into a "dormant mode", and after a short period of time they will again remind you of their existence. If you feel sore throat very often, go to the ENT. The doctor will prescribe a therapy for you, after which you will forget about your chronic illness.

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