How To Get Rid Of Vaginismus

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How To Get Rid Of Vaginismus
How To Get Rid Of Vaginismus

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Vaginismus is an involuntary and convulsive contraction of the muscles of the perineum and circular muscle of the vagina, painful and uncontrollable, which can occur when trying to insert an instrument for a gynecological examination or of the penis. It so happens that a woman cannot even insert a finger or a tampon into the vagina. In severe cases of vaginismus, the woman experiences severe muscle spasm and pain at the thought of copulation.

How to get rid of vaginismus
How to get rid of vaginismus


Step 1

A medical specialist can diagnose this disease, based on the results of a gynecological examination and the patient's medical history. When establishing the cause, the doctor clarifies many details that relate not only to childhood and upbringing, but also to past sexual experience, attitudes towards sex. For a complete picture, the nature and description of painful sensations during intercourse may be required.

Step 2

Treatment of vaginismus should be comprehensive. For this, psychotherapeutic sessions are used, in which deep conflicts are resolved and a positive attitude of the patient to sex is formed. Complicity and support of a partner is of paramount importance in the successful treatment of vaginismus. It is with him that a woman should perform exercises and learn to enjoy sex, not fear.

Step 3

The doctor must explain to both partners the whole nature of the involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles and, in the process of examining the woman's genitals, demonstrates the process in the presence of a partner. The examination should be prepared in such a way that the woman could herself observe what is happening in the mirror. Your doctor will suggest some techniques to help you relax your vaginal muscles.

Step 4

The first step is to learn how to control the genital muscles. Stretch first, then relax and pull in your vaginal muscles. This exercise will improve the sensitivity and blood flow to the genitals.

Step 5

During the next exercise, a woman should insert her finger into the vagina and make various movements with it, rotate, bend and move it from side to side. But in many cases it is difficult for a woman to do such an exercise herself, as she is afraid to hurt herself and a new spasm. If you can do this exercise calmly, you will surely be successful.

Step 6

Try to insert your penis in a cowgirl position. The woman should feel and can easily take positions in which the penis will not rest against the walls, and the introduction will be carried out along the axis of the vagina. This exercise should be done only after sexual intercourse and repeated previous workouts.

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