How To Heal A Throat Without Medication

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How To Heal A Throat Without Medication
How To Heal A Throat Without Medication

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An unpleasant sensation in the throat indicates the onset of the disease. Infections that cause it are activated from the beginning of autumn, and they spread rather quickly. A sore throat is not always a reason for taking medication, because such a disease can be cured with folk methods.

How to heal a throat without medication
How to heal a throat without medication

It is necessary

  • - butter;
  • - honey;
  • - pharmacy chamomile.


Step 1

Take care of your throat. At the first appearance of unpleasant sensations, forget about iced drinks, loud conversations and singing in karaoke. It is important to protect the throat because without external stimuli, its healing will accelerate significantly.

Step 2

Avoid eating food and drinks both cold and too hot. Choose something in between. Warm food and drinks will not irritate your throat, which greatly speeds up your recovery.

Step 3

Use chamomile. This plant has excellent medicinal properties. It can be applied in two ways. Either brew in boiling water, let it brew for 15 minutes and drink with honey, or make a decoction and gargle it three times a day. It is possible to combine these two methods. The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb will help you heal your throat quickly and relieve the accompanying cold symptoms.

Step 4

Drink warm milk and butter. Preheat a mug of milk until warm, but not hot. Add about a teaspoon of butter to it, stir thoroughly until it is completely dissolved. Drink this mixture before bed. You can wrap your neck in a warm scarf. In the morning, the pain will become much less, and after two applications, it will disappear altogether.

Step 5

Pour warm water into a glass, add half a teaspoon of salt, 2-3 drops of iodine to it. Move and gargle with this solution two to three times a day. The antibacterial properties of salt and iodine will help out the infection causing a sore throat.

Step 6

Use honey. This product helps with many ailments, including throat problems. Take about a teaspoon of honey, put it in your mouth and dissolve it as long as possible, being careful not to swallow it. The honey will slowly drain down the throat, relieving pain and killing the infection.

Step 7

Make compresses. A regular alcohol compress made at night will warm your throat and relieve you of excruciating pain in it. Make a 40% alcohol solution (or use vodka). Heat it up slightly. Soak gauze in the solution, apply to the neck. Cover it with a plastic bag for better heat retention. Wrap a warm scarf on top and spend at least 3 hours with this compress, or better leave it overnight.

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