How To Treat Hemorrhoids Of A Pregnant Woman

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How To Treat Hemorrhoids Of A Pregnant Woman
How To Treat Hemorrhoids Of A Pregnant Woman

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Hemorrhoids can be called a disease of the century. The cause of this unpleasant disease is constipation, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and vascular disease. There are many medication techniques (up to surgery) and folk remedies to relieve hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids of a pregnant woman
How to treat hemorrhoids of a pregnant woman


Step 1

But not all treatments can be used during pregnancy, as some of them can harm the fetus. All medications are excluded from attention at once, due to the presence of side effects and contraindications. But there is an alternative and you need to use it.

Step 2

It is necessary to revise the diet to rule out constipation. During pregnancy, the fetus presses its weight on the organs located in the abdominal cavity, including the intestines. This makes it difficult for feces to pass. Pregnant women tend to be inactive and this leads to constipation.

Step 3

It is necessary to introduce fermented milk products into the daily diet, which help to improve the intestinal microflora.

Step 4

Eat boiled vegetables daily: carrots, red beets, potatoes, cauliflower. Make the first course a must on your daily menu.

Step 5

To improve digestion and relieve hemorrhoids, drink one of the freshly squeezed vegetable juices every day:

- 1 carrot, 7 spinach leaves, ½ celery stalk;

- 1 turnip (potato), 100/150 g watercress;

- 1 apple, 1 carrot and 10 grapes.

Step 6

Drink one glass of whey in the morning on an empty stomach.

Step 7

To ease the condition with bleeding hemorrhoids, drink half a glass or a glass of sauerkraut brine in a warm form.

Step 8

Eliminate raw white cabbage, leguminous vegetables, mustard, black rye bread, peppers, and unripe fruits from your diet. These foods are not completely digested and the hard edges can scratch the walls of the rectum and cause hemorrhoids to bleed.

Step 9

A good result is the introduction of suppositories with sea buckthorn, candles from candied honey, from aloe leaf and from raw potatoes, as thick as a little finger, into the anus at night.

Step 10

If inserting the suppository causes severe pain, a plate of aloe leaf (inside out) can be inserted between the buttocks, as close to the hemorrhoid as possible. Aloe has an analgesic effect and helps the bumps to be drawn inside.

Step 11

Well soothes and anesthetizes a compress from a cooled infusion of chamomile flowers (2-3 tablespoons) or a compress from freshly squeezed juice of red beets or carrots.

Step 12

If it becomes necessary to make an enema, it is best to prepare a decoction of wild strawberry leaves or a decoction of blueberries.

Step 13

It is good to lubricate cracks on hemorrhoid cones with clean echtiol or mummy ointment - it is harmless and effective.

Step 14

It must be remembered that local procedures are carried out exclusively on clean surfaces. Traditional sedentary contrast baths are contraindicated for pregnant women. Not all medicinal herbs are safe for pregnant women, so only proven recipes can be used.

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