How To Take An Antibiotic

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How To Take An Antibiotic
How To Take An Antibiotic

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The course of antibiotic therapy is prescribed by the doctor after the tests and on the basis of the patient's complaints. Antibiotics are inactive against viruses and some microbes. You need to take them only if the high temperature does not subside for more than 5 days. You cannot drink potent drugs without consulting a specialist. Antibiotics spoil the intestinal microflora, but they do not always help to defeat some diseases, since they must be taken in combination with other drugs. It is impossible to self-medicate, it is fraught with serious consequences.

How to take an antibiotic
How to take an antibiotic


Step 1

Take a tablet of the drug before meals with plenty of liquid. Drink the antibiotic as prescribed by your doctor twice a day. If you are prescribed long-acting antibiotics, then take them once a day, preferably at the same time.

Step 2

Take food 30 minutes after taking the drug, if this is not done, then nausea may begin. Try not to eat fatty foods.

Step 3

Try not to be in the sun during the course of antibiotic therapy, as various spots may form on the skin.

Step 4

Take regular antibiotics depending on the disease and the healing process, usually 5-7 days, and in severe cases, 14 days. Drink the prolonged drug for 3-6 days, depending on the doctor's prescription.

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