How To Use Dioxidin

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How To Use Dioxidin
How To Use Dioxidin

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Dioxidine is a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug that is sometimes effective even in very severe cases. But you cannot use it yourself - this should be done only under the supervision of a doctor.

How to use Dioxidin
How to use Dioxidin


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Dioxidine treatment, as a rule, is carried out only in a hospital. Each patient who is prescribed this medicine must first be tested for its tolerance. It can be used externally and with intracavitary administration. For the treatment of superficial purulent lesions with this drug, an ampoule of dioxidine should be diluted with water for injection or sterile sodium chloride solution, moisten a napkin with it and apply to the wound. In the treatment of deep skin lesions, sometimes a tampon soaked in a solution of dioxidine is inserted into the wound as directed by a doctor. If you are sick with osteomelitis, then you may be prescribed baths in a solution of this drug - for this, the injured limb is immersed in it for 15-20 minutes. The concentration of the solution for such baths must be calculated by the doctor.

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For intracavitary treatment of purulent wounds with dioxidine, a solution of this medication is injected into their cavity using a catheter, drainage tube or syringe. The procedure is performed only by a medical professional. Usually, 1 administration of the drug per day is prescribed, but in the absence of side effects in the patient and a severe course of the purulent process, the course of treatment can be more than 3 weeks. If the drug is poorly tolerated and in consultation with a specialist, the daily dose of administration can be reduced.

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Dioxidine can also be used for prophylactic purposes after surgery - it is used by medical workers when processing stitches to prevent their infection.

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The drug is not used in the treatment of minors, in the presence of individual intolerance, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, dioxidine is not prescribed for patients suffering from adrenal insufficiency in any form.

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