How To Find A Medicine In Moscow

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How To Find A Medicine In Moscow
How To Find A Medicine In Moscow

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Not all medicines prescribed by your doctor are available at your nearest pharmacy. To find some of them, you previously had to go around several establishments. Now this can be done without leaving your home, and in a large city, for example, in Moscow, you can find a medicine in just a few minutes.

How to find a medicine in Moscow
How to find a medicine in Moscow


Step 1

Find out about the availability of the medicine you need at the nearest pharmacies or which pharmacies have it. Muscovites and guests of the capital can do this by calling 8 (495) 775-79-57. Using it, you can also find out the cost of the medicine, book the number of packages you need and order its delivery. On weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 a specialist will advise you, he will answer all questions related to the dosage and method of using the drug you are interested in.

Step 2

On the website of the network of Moscow pharmacies on the Internet, you can also get all the necessary information. Type in the search box at the top of the page for the name of the drug you are looking for. At your request, information will be provided in which pharmacy you can buy this drug in the form of packaging you need, how it can be replaced and its description. A map of the location of Moscow pharmacies will facilitate the search for the desired pharmacy. You can also find a list of pharmacies located with the nearest metro station, on your street or in your administrative district.

Step 3

A similar service is also presented on the website of the large medical and prophylactic center "Medlux". Enter the name of the medicine in the search box and get a list of pharmacies where you can buy it. A hypertext link to the name of a pharmacy will help you get information about its address and phone number, the nearest metro station, the number and type of items available in the sales area, and the cost of the drug. By registering on the site, you will receive discounts and bonuses. You can also call the Center to find a medicine on the multi-channel 24-hour telephone number 8 (495) 995-995-1.

Step 4

Buy your medicine from an online pharmacy. Pay for it in a convenient way for you, if necessary, order delivery for a small additional fee directly to your home or pick it up at the nearest pick-up center. Medicines purchased in such a store did not lie on the shelves in the pharmacy, they will be ordered from a supplier and delivered to you almost immediately after production.

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