How To Cure A Granuloma

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How To Cure A Granuloma
How To Cure A Granuloma

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Granulomas are called focal growths in the cells of connective tissues that have an inflammatory origin and appear in the form of small nodules. Granulomas occur in many, most often infectious processes, with collagen diseases and at the site of a foreign body entering the tissue. Most often they appear against the background of dental disease.

How to cure a granuloma
How to cure a granuloma


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If you have pain when biting food, you may have a cyst or granuloma. Be sure to see a doctor who will prescribe an x-ray of the tooth and subsequent treatment. It is quite difficult to independently recognize a tooth granuloma, since it will not differ in any way from healthy ones, and the gums may also look normal. But with hypothermia, heavy exertion, stress or a cold, the granuloma is activated, and then the whole body will suffer. The body temperature will rise, the lymph nodes will swell, headaches will begin, a gumboil will appear.

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Go through a routine examination at least once every six months, because the sooner a granuloma is found, the faster it will be cured. Check carefully those teeth that you filled for a long time or those that are hidden under the crowns.

Step 3

In dentistry, many methods are used to treat granulomas. The most common is cystectomy. This is an operative method in which the doctor removes the granuloma and part of the damaged tooth root. This method is considered quite reliable and effective, although not every specialist can perform such an operation.

Step 4

You can ask that you treat your granuloma with a new method - with depophoresis. The doctor will inject a special substance into the canal and create a kind of depot. Under the influence of a weak current, this substance moves, penetrates into the granuloma, destroying microbes and damaged tissue cells. After several such sessions, the tooth is filled, and the remaining substance continues its healing effect.

Step 5

The easiest way to get rid of a tooth granuloma is to remove it and thoroughly clean the gum. Doctors have done this for many years in a row, and today they use treatment methods that help preserve teeth.

Step 6

It happens that against the background of frequent medication or due to infection, granulomas appear in the liver, which go away on their own when the underlying disease disappears. However, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists, otherwise you may have an enlarged spleen or bleeding from the dilated veins of the intestine and stomach.

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