How To Treat Adhesions In The Small Pelvis

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How To Treat Adhesions In The Small Pelvis
How To Treat Adhesions In The Small Pelvis

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All internal organs of a person are covered with a slippery shell, which allows them to be mobile, however, under the influence of some factors, these shells can stick together, forming adhesions that cause a lot of discomfort to their owners.

How to treat adhesions in the small pelvis
How to treat adhesions in the small pelvis


Step 1

Consult a gynecologist and go through all the necessary examinations, primarily ultrasound and tests. Only after that it is possible to establish a diagnosis and draw up an individual treatment plan, which consists of various therapeutic and prophylactic measures. For example, it can be physiotherapy, enzyme therapy, gynecological massage.

Step 2

Take a course of physiotherapy treatments to help soften your adhesions, make them thinner and softer. A good effect from such procedures will be only when combined with other techniques.

Step 3

On the recommendation of a gynecologist, take the necessary medications for a certain time. The doctor will suggest the most suitable option, based on the presence of inflammatory processes and concomitant diseases. Quite often, patients are prescribed proteolytics, which promote the breakdown of certain proteins that make up adhesions. They are safe as they do not affect healthy tissue.

Step 4

Try to return the affected organs to normal mobility. To do this, perform special exercises and massage in the abdomen every day for 1-2 months. These exercises will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. It is also recommended to undergo a course of treatment with an osteopathic specialist.

Step 5

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can undergo mud treatment and a course of gynecological massage as additional methods. As for the mud treatment, the course consists of 6-12 procedures, which are performed rectally or vaginally using a gel made on the basis of the Dead Sea mud.

Step 6

If we talk about gynecological massage, then it is carried out after the end of menstruation. At the same time, during the course of such a massage, you must carefully protect yourself from pregnancy.

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