How To Call A Doctor

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How To Call A Doctor
How To Call A Doctor

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If you are sick and cannot visit the clinic, you can call a doctor at home. The local therapist goes to calls only on weekdays. Narrow specialists do not go to the call. They can only be called home from a private clinic. In order for you to receive qualified medical care on any day of the week, you need to know how, whom and when you can call.

How to call a doctor
How to call a doctor


Step 1

A local doctor from a polyclinic can be called for any health problems.

At high or low temperatures.

With high or low blood pressure.

With a sharp exacerbation of chronic diseases

For colds.

When red spots of unknown origin appear.

With the flu.

With general weakness.

With minor injuries.

For all symptoms and diseases that do not require urgent medical attention. In order to call a doctor, you need to call the district clinic. Specify exactly: last name, first name, patronymic, year and month of birth, home address, symptoms of the disease. The local doctor will come to you during the day. If you do not know the telephone number of the district polyclinic, then call the ambulance by phone 03. After answering the call, they will call the district doctor of your district.

Step 2

In case of emergencies, call 03 immediately and call the emergency doctor. When calling, clearly state the reason, home address, year of birth. Relatives must go out to meet the emergency doctor. An ambulance must be called under the following conditions:

Acute breathing disorder.

Sudden pressure surges.

Sudden loss of consciousness.



Serious injuries.

Severe mental illness.

Severe frostbite.


Sudden shock.

Strong rise or fall in temperature.

Road traffic accidents.

Work-related injuries.

Step 3

You can also call a paid doctor at home. All narrow specialists from paid clinics go home. At home, you can be given a massage, take tests, do all kinds of examinations, deliver injections, droppers, and provide any qualified assistance.

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