How To Fix Torticollis

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How To Fix Torticollis
How To Fix Torticollis

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Torticollis is a disease, the external signs of which are the tilt of the head to one side. It occurs in both children and adults. It can arise for very many reasons: due to violations during intrauterine development, a birth injury, diseases of the nervous system, a previous injury of the cervical spine, etc. Although this disease does not pose a threat to human life and health, it causes him severe moral discomfort, so it should be treated. So how, for example, is torticollis treated in babies?

How to fix torticollis
How to fix torticollis


Step 1

First of all, it should be diagnosed! In most cases, attention is paid to the incorrect position of the baby's head even in the hospital. Then it is necessary to establish the cause of torticollis. Since the method of treatment depends on this. To correctly determine the cause of the disease, it is necessary to consult doctors of different profiles: pediatrician, neuropathologist, orthopedist.

Step 2

In most cases, torticollis is caused by an increased tone of the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which leads to its contraction and, accordingly, the child's head tilts in that direction. Treatment should include three main approaches: "correct position" (that is, the child must be laid down and carried in his arms so that the contracted muscle is gradually "stretched"), remedial gymnastics and massage.

Step 3

"Correct position" means that you should in every possible way limit the possibility of turning the child's head to the "healthy" side. Make sure that the baby turns his head to the "painful" side as often as possible, thereby gradually stretching the contracted muscle.

Step 4

When the baby is in the crib, securely fix the “healthy” side of the head (for example, using soft but heavy rollers with different fillings). Approach him and call, only from the "sick" side, thereby stimulating turns in the same direction.

Step 5

When the baby is in your arms, hold it by pressing the “healthy” side of your head against your shoulder or the crook of your arm. The task is the same: to get the child to stretch the damaged muscle by turning his head.

Step 6

Therapeutic exercises with torticollis can be carried out independently, or with the help of qualified health workers. In the first case, get the necessary advice! Therapeutic gymnastics consists in turning and tilting the child's head, while simultaneously fixing his body (especially the shoulders). Therefore, both parents perform it: one fixes the child's body, the other gently turns and tilts his head.

Step 7

In any case, it is better to entrust the massage to a professional. At least, because the result is likely to be more effective.

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