How To Switch To Logest

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How To Switch To Logest
How To Switch To Logest

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In addition to contraception, Logest has a number of useful properties. In women who take the drug, the menstrual cycle becomes more regular. The soreness of menstruation, the intensity of bleeding decreases and the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia decreases.

How to switch to Logest
How to switch to Logest


Step 1

When switching to Logest from single-phase contraceptives containing only gestagens, start taking it any day without interruption. When taking monophasic gestagens orally, just stop taking them and start drinking Logest. In the presence of implants or intrauterine devices containing progestogens, start the reception on the day of removal of these types of contraceptives. If you have contracted pregnancy by injecting progestogens, start taking Logest on the day the next injection was to take place. Additionally, use a barrier method of contraception for 7 days.

Step 2

When switching to Logest from other combined hormonal contraceptives, start taking it within a week after the end of the pills containing hormones, the so-called "active". Or the next day after taking the last "inactive" dragee. The composition of preparations containing 21 pills contains only hormone containing. If you use such contraceptives, start Logest no later than the seventh day after the end of the package.

Step 3

After childbirth or after a late abortion (after 12 weeks), start taking Logest within 28 days. If you start taking it later, use an additional barrier method of contraception for a week. After an abortion up to 12 weeks, start taking the drug immediately after manipulation. Additional barrier contraception is not required in this case.

Step 4

If you have not taken hormonal contraceptives in the previous month, start drinking the drug on the first day of your period. If the appointment is started later, but no later than the fifth day, use barrier contraception within a week. After the fifth day, it makes no sense to take Logest, it is better to wait a month and start from the first day of the cycle.

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